Need help on a Breguet Hora Mundi 3700 problem

Mar 11, 2019,09:24 AM

Bought a pre-owned Breguet 3700 World timer. Just got it back from a service in Switzerland via Swatch Toronto.

The watch's minute hand loses about 2 minutes per day. The seconds hand runs correctly (-1 second/day).After testing, I have identified the issue; the date change at midnight.

At 10 pm, the watch runs correctly. At 11 pm, it loses a minute. By midnight, it loses 2 minutes. The seconds hand runs correctly. After the date change, the watch runs correctly again. In the morning, the watch still has the 2 minutes lost at midnight, but no more than that.

Everything else works fine, date change and world timer dial.

So, what's happening? Anyone else had this experience?

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Swatch service center said that ...

 By: jim vancouver : July 30th, 2019-13:03
… "Breguet has determined that there is a problem with the hand setting mechanism and will carry out a complete maintenance to correct it." Just got it back today. Testing now.

Hope it is sorted OK.

 By: nomadgiles : July 31st, 2019-10:55
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