Some dreams: Ulysse Nardin Astronomical watches pictures.

Feb 19, 2021,00:14 AM

A couple of pictures.  

My favorite trio: 

If I had to choose only one, I would say the Tellurium: 

For me, these Astronomical watches are part of the Ulysse Nardin DNA, born from the genius mind of Rolf Schnyder and Ludwig Oechslin. 

What's your favorite? 



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My favorite is....I guess the most colorful. What a moron!!!...I've always marveled at this series, unfortunately I'm not smart enough to figure out how to use them.

 By: Blansky : February 19th, 2021-06:22
It's too bad but I think for the people lucky enough to have the series, they sit in a box,never to see the light of day.

a grail for me - the PT trio

 By: donizetti : February 19th, 2021-07:27
exactly the one you showed, I agree that the Tellurium is the most beautiful - I think the Astrolabium is the intellectually most interesting but I would probably wear the planetarium most just for the pleasure of seeing the orrery. But the total is much ... 

Amazing pieces.

 By: russell996 : February 19th, 2021-07:36
Love mine and really enjoy setting it after a period of not wearing it. Amazing to see the approach of an eclipse. Here we have a solar eclipse being shown. ...  

Grandiose mon ami.

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2021-14:45

Planetarium for me. Wanted to buy one...

 By: Ronald Held : February 19th, 2021-09:36
But too late by the time I could marginally afford it.

I haven't tried in some time..

 By: Ronald Held : February 20th, 2021-12:17
It might be very hard to find one in good condition at a reasonable price.

I will take a look for it. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : February 21st, 2021-12:08

Keep us posted!

 By: amanico : February 21st, 2021-13:23

Yes if I get close to buying one. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : February 22nd, 2021-09:21

Ideally the set, but I would also choose Tellerium.

 By: emcquillan : February 19th, 2021-10:58
Good topic with the Rover landing on Mars yesterday These pieces are dreams... poetic with a magical quality. It was the first Copernicus that got me interested in the hobby in a serious way. Have a great weekend,

The fourth one:)

 By: Denes Papp : February 19th, 2021-13:23
Moonstruck forever! ...  

Yes!!! Lucky you.

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2021-14:47


 By: Weems@8 : February 19th, 2021-13:30
That brand is really high horlogerie. And it is on my list to buy a watch from.

Rich Ulysse Nardin history

 By: Weems@8 : February 19th, 2021-15:27
I red many stories about Rolf Schnyder and Ludwig Oechslin. This one opened my eyes, Rolf walks into the building of Ulysse Nardin and met Ludwig. Ludwig was the only one in the building and was servicing an Ulysse Nardin watch for a customer. The company... 

Thank you for more heroes

 By: Weems@8 : February 20th, 2021-04:39
The UN Beatles 😎

Somehow, yes.

 By: amanico : February 20th, 2021-06:36


 By: Zebda : February 22nd, 2021-04:04
The rebirth of Ulysses Nardin was thanks to Rolf's intuition an adventure made up of meetings with Raimondo Brenni for the design and Ludwig Oechslin for the fantastic developments of movements. in the 1980s, watchmaking companies were run by strong perso...  

These watches are so romantic and ...

 By: GLau : February 20th, 2021-03:24
celestially inspiring ! 👍 Without me typing it out, Nicolas you know exactly which piece I like most, right ?

I know I know. 😂😂👍

 By: russell996 : February 20th, 2021-06:17

Thanks russell for understanding...

 By: GLau : February 20th, 2021-06:45
my implied overt reply ! 😇

Hey Nicolas, how the HECK...

 By: GLau : February 20th, 2021-06:46
did you guess that ??!! 😳