Freak Blue Phantom: How do you like it? Cruiser or not Cruiser?

May 12, 2014,22:30 PM

That is the question.

The Cruiser Phantom, introduced this year ( ? ) :


A redesigned Freak, with a 45 mm case, new bezel and dial.

Or the Blue Phantom, which is an evolution of the first Freaks, 44, 5 mm case.


Why " Phantom "? Because of the way the hour and minute " hands " are treated, in the same color than the dial, the legibility being insured by the top, Arrow shaped, in white luminova.

So, how do you like it?



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New Cruiser...

 By: andrewluff : May 13th, 2014-00:27
The original is an iconic piece, but I think the newer version has just been done so well and is so fitting for a nautical brand like UN. The use of the anchors on the escapement and the waves going around the bezel all put together make a beautiful freak... 

Still, I prefer the former versions. Except for the hands; which I find very cool, on the

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2014-03:19
Cruiser. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andrew. Nicolas

Debatable….very debatable...

 By: moc : May 13th, 2014-02:13
Well I liked the old blue phantom a lot,but the new Cruiser is somehow fresher,its bridges are way more captivating,the rubber bezel insert makes it feel more technological ,the bezel pattern is new and refreshing…. I think overall the blue Freak Cruiser ... 

You are right, not a Diavolo. I was writing this post while thinking about the Diavolo. ;)

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2014-03:18
I like the new hands a lot, but still, prefer the former version. The new one, the Cruiser, is too big for my taste, I much prefer the bezel and the dial of the former générations, though, but it is a matter of taste, and no doubt that the Freak is still ... 

Of course, you have to see both of them live.

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2014-05:59
This is the only way to fully appreciate these weird birds... Best, Ronald. Nicolas

I have no preference.

 By: radone : May 13th, 2014-05:43
Any of the models would work for me. This is simply one of the most astonishing watches I have ever handled. Pure joy! ...  

It is the Cruiser for me.

 By: MichaelC : May 13th, 2014-08:54
This could be one of the few times I do not side with the original. I think the updates made to the Cruiser are terrific. The watch looks different - more modern - but very much follows the Freak DNA. A tribute to the original without being an exact copy.... 

Interesting input, my friend.

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2014-10:17
Another great point for the Cruiser compared to the original is the water resistance, which missed on the former. Your input makes real sense. Thank you! Best, Nicolas

Take away 3mm and I'll jump on it.

 By: TdotBean : May 14th, 2014-08:54
in light speed :D

I like the hands of the cruiser but the size of the freak one

 By: TdotBean : May 14th, 2014-17:54
Does the size of the movement stay the same? Regard Tyler

I like them all, but...

 By: Dave G : May 15th, 2014-23:00
The Freak is a piece that through the evolutions maintains it's core DNA. I really like all the variations, which is something I can't say about a lot of other long running models, irrespective of Brand. Overall, I like the modern, smoothed look of the cr... 

As long time owners of the Freak, we will easily favour the One.

 By: amanico : May 15th, 2014-23:18
It is hard to change your mind whe you are used to something. Yes, there are some interesting improvements, such as the water resistance, on the Cruiser, or the aesthetics of the " hands ", but maybe the original looks remains more " conceptual "? Interes... 

how bad is the original's vulnerability to water/shocks...etc?

 By: edlien : May 9th, 2020-02:40
hi Nico, as i m contemplating a freak purchase, a rg original freak is my 1st choice aesthetically

The original Freak is a beauty and 2mm smaller than everything that followed.

 By: russell996 : May 9th, 2020-04:57
I wouldn’t call it a robust piece and since the movement pin goes through the top sapphire it certainly has very limited water resistance. Many have had the movement upgraded to become Freak 1.5 for reliability (I believe this is automatically done at ser... 

thx russel for owners' insight :)

 By: edlien : May 9th, 2020-17:03
i had the impression that each iteration of freak kinda gains on water/shock resistance as it was mentioned in wei koh's zoomterview with patrick pruniaux that many wear their freak as daily to sport golf with

Watertightness is good ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : May 29th, 2014-15:45
... for everyday practicability. This already fully justifies my preference for the Cruiser, but I love its movement design as well. However, the classic Freak 28,800 would be my favourite. Marcus