Heuer Mareographe, Ref 2447.

Jun 05, 2021,08:16 AM

There are three or four watches I would love to own, in the vintage Heuer universe. 

The Heuer Mareographe, Ref 2447, is one of them, and better, it is a grail for me. 

Credit picture: Phillips ( I think ). 

Here we have a chronograph which gives you the tides, hence its name. A super case, an eye catching dial. The issue? Finding one is a tough challenge. And now, they have reached the sky... 

But what a nice dream to have! 



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 By: PalmSprings : June 5th, 2021-08:53
I wish they would still make watches this charming. I was looking at an AP City of Sails and a Polaris edition from the mid 2000s and noticed a huge difference in design/style of the dials compared to everything we have seen from AP the past few years. AP... 


 By: iulianbutum : June 5th, 2021-08:59
I often ask myself why not to do them now, exactly the same,of course with new technology,but the same design,some things appear to never get old.

Done ...

 By: Zilch : June 5th, 2021-12:53

Thanks, M4.

 By: amanico : June 5th, 2021-21:07

Interesting how Heuer recycles model reference numbers

 By: TS1987 : June 5th, 2021-12:00
I usually think of Ref 2447 as a Carrera reference number.

to be more precise: it s not easy and there is no clear definition and nothing is carve in stone, and of course ...

 By: only5402 : June 6th, 2021-13:24
... the "mareographe" was a special line in the heuer range it depends a bid from the point of view for example: two collectors meet and one says "i have a mareographe" the other one perhaps ask " wich one - a 2447 or a 2446?" at least he wants to know wi... 

Hehehe... Good one!

 By: amanico : June 6th, 2021-15:02

Thanks, Tony.

 By: amanico : June 5th, 2021-21:07