HEUER Collector Summit Report 1 - Vintage Collectors and Jack Heuer

Sep 19, 2016,08:47 AM


TAG Heuer Collector Summit

Dear friends,

TAG Heuer just held a Collector Summit on 12 - 13 September 2016 with attendees from all over the world including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, Europe, Canada and USA.

Mr J-C Biver welcomed the Collector's group and thanked them for their input to the 'fantasy designs' for the new HEUER AUTAVIA chronograph that we would see later in the week. He also told the vintage Heuer collectors NOT to buy the new watch!  wink

J-C Biver welcomes the group

Vintage Collectors told not to buy new Autavia watch

J-C Biver's watch

Camera Drone

Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise emanated from the sky and we were told to hold our watches up...some people had to hold both wrists up!

A pleasant buffet followed and conversation continued into the night.

TAG Heuer drone sees all

Lac Neuchatel

Morning has broken like the first dawn

Heuer Collectors and Friends at La Chaux-de-Fonds

Tribute to Noodia

At the start was a moving eulogy to Laurent Bouzoulouk (Noodia) whose sudden passing last June took us all by surprise.

We all remembered 'absent friends'.

Autavia Designs

In the build up to the new Autavia watch, old designs were discussed and a book published. Fantasy designs were seeded on the InterWeb; comments and votes were collected.

The new watch would be revealed at the Collector Summit....

Meanwhile, what do vintage watch collectors do when they GetToGether?

The Show & Tell with their little and not-so-little watch pouches!

Heuer Vintage Watches

Heuer Vintage Watches

Heuer Vintage Watches

Heuer Vintage Watches

Heuer Vintage Watches

Heuer Vintage dials

Heuer Vintage dials

Restoration Workshop

Restoration Workshop

The first thing we visited was the restoration workshop.

The new ethos at TAG Heuer is Restoration First before replacement.

Guess where we lost about 10 of our vintage watch collectors?

New Old Stock

Yup! At the LOCKED store cupboard with new old stock components.

Bags were frisked and security detectors employed as we left the room smile 

Not really but we still felt guilty that so many desirable parts were still available....

New Old Stock

New Old Stock

Haute Horlogerie Workshop

Haute Horlogerie Workshop

Next stop...the high horology assembly where each piece is made by a known watchmaker.

There were rare examples to inspect.

Haute Horlogerie Workshop

HEUER-02 Tourbillon

One of our members wore the 1st commercial Carreras Heuer-02 Tourbillon watch in the world and compared the specimen movement on show.

Monaco V4

Carrera Mikrotimer

Monaco V4

PuristS Owner Piece Unique Monaco V4 carbon

Carrera Mikrotimer

Production Workshop

The normal production workshop is more recognisable as a factory with assembly lines. 

Production Workshop

Production Models

No peeking at the production targets!

Mr Jack Heuer, Honourary Chairman of TAG Heuer welcomed us and spoke about His Life, Heuer History, Fate and Luck.

I also found out that Heuer means 'haymaker' in local dialect.

Jack Heuer

Catherine Eberle-Devaux (TAG Heuer) and Jeff Stein (On The Dash website)


Symbol of Office

World's largest pendant: HEUER Dashboard Instrument

Heuer Historic Calibre 11

Jack Heuer and toy car

Jack Heuer bought this vintage toy car at a local market for the museum and used it to illustrate an amazing piece of unexpected marketing.

Through their deal with Porsche Racing, every race car and even the toys had the Heuer shield logo for authenticity. That sort of free advertising in the 1970s cannot be underestimated.

Heuer shield on all Porsche toy cars

Tesla Challenge

Jack Heuer tries a TESLA P90D Challenge

900 HP, 4-wheel drive, no gears, full torque 1000+ Nm means 0 - 62mph in 3.3 - 3.5secs even with 4 adults.

It's 2.8secs without passengers.

After a few rides with the professional drivers, some of us were unleashed on the cars......with TAG Heuer Race Timing Equipment, of course!

Challenge Sprint



READ MORE in subsequent parts of this Report....

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Jean-Claude Biver is as genuine as they come.

 By: MichaelC : September 19th, 2016-13:11
That is a fact. PS - you look a little nervous in the car!

Thanks a lot Melvin for this first part of the report!

 By: foversta : September 19th, 2016-13:40
A lot of familiar faces on the group picture... and of course we all think about Laurent. We miss him. Fx

Very nice thread...

 By: Fricks : September 19th, 2016-13:40
... thank you

The collectors, Jack Heuer and TAG Heuer people made it nice

 By: MTF : September 22nd, 2016-18:48
Fricks, One can only capture the niceness if the event and people were nice! Regards, MTF

Looks like a lot of fun!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : September 19th, 2016-13:42
Thank you for the report, MTF! Best Blomman


 By: stere : September 22nd, 2016-02:03
...for your amazing Report! stere

Glad you join the "visit"

 By: MTF : September 22nd, 2016-18:50
It's like you were there... Regards, MTF