Superb use of the no date.

May 22, 2023,18:19 PM

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Probably the only reason why I use the rotating bezel these days is the time food

 By: aperna : May 22nd, 2023-00:28
Let’s all have a good start to our week. All the best, Tony. ...  

Looking good, Tony...πŸ‘

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : May 22nd, 2023-00:39


 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 22nd, 2023-01:12
My no date served this purpose sat night

I'm pretty sure most Sub owners don't even do that much

 By: j.jota : May 22nd, 2023-01:50
looks great on your wrist +++

Looking good Tony. Everlasting classic.

 By: LarsG : May 22nd, 2023-05:00
But grill the meat 15 min. ? ;-)

I think for most of us

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-06:44
using the rotating bezel of a Sub this way is probably one of the most practical uses for us desktop divers. ☺️ All the best my friend!

Grill bezel mod?

 By: Fastwong : May 22nd, 2023-12:07
Bet artisans de geneve could do one for $100k 🀣 ...  

Yeah instead of numbers

 By: myles721 : May 22nd, 2023-13:43


 By: aperna : May 22nd, 2023-22:17


 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2023-07:00

Are you serious Tony

 By: sschew : May 22nd, 2023-22:33
that you actually have turned the bezel? Doesn't that void the warranty or perhaps the watch now requires a full service,