Nice report again Jeff....

Dec 09, 2008,09:45 AM

Here another small Tiffany meter first Redsub and it's like Stephane's white 1665 i once bought on Ebay for euro 5k ;- )


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The Tiffany & Co. Rolex sports models

 By: DrStrong : December 8th, 2008-04:38
The purchase of my Tiffany & Co. Submariner ref. 5513 has made me investigate a bit about the Rolex Sports models double signed by the NYC retailer. Tiffany & Co. is a U.S. jewelry and silverware company founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in...  

There are some very nice Legends, Jeff!

 By: amanico : December 8th, 2008-07:10
The 1655, for example... And what to say about this Red 1680, with a White " Submariner ", but a Red " Tiffany "? Wow, didn't know that, my friend. I also saw a " Tiffany " 1675, and missed it for quite nothing a few years ago...Too bad. Tell me, is this ... 

These are collector's items

 By: DrStrong : December 9th, 2008-01:10
and very sexy pieces in my eyes ;-) Cheers Jeff

I regret having passed on the 1675 Tiffany so much, Jeff

 By: amanico : December 9th, 2008-03:24
But it 's difficult to say yes to so many appealing watches... Sadly. Best, my friend. Nicolas

Learn More...

 By: kbc.2222 : December 8th, 2008-16:05
Thanks, Dr. Strong for giving us very exciting informations Very nice "story" n photos. Best Chung

Was there ever a 5517

 By: MTF : December 8th, 2008-20:37
with Tiffany on the dial? MTF

Not yet...

 By: Mike Wood : December 10th, 2008-10:07

learnt something new from your post, thanks a lot. [nt]

 By: FanFrancisco : December 9th, 2008-09:04
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You're welcome Stefan [nt]

 By: DrStrong : December 9th, 2008-11:02

Nice report again Jeff....

 By: Philipps : December 9th, 2008-09:45
Here another small Tiffany meter first Redsub and it's like Stephane's white 1665 i once bought on Ebay for euro 5k ;- ) Rgrds.P...  

Now THAT is weird one !

 By: DrStrong : December 9th, 2008-11:02

Great report Jeff!

 By: NYCarrera : December 9th, 2008-11:14
Thank you. Godspeed A

Thanks Andres [nt]

 By: DrStrong : December 10th, 2008-05:04

This kind of post are really amazing...

 By: E.J. : December 10th, 2008-14:51
Thanks Jeff for this great job, like always. I feel that I have a Rolex virus. This pieces are really keepers. I hope to have something so one day. Thanks again. Best. Emilio.

The hunt is the best part !

 By: DrStrong : December 11th, 2008-05:28

I saw a bronze dial Rolex AirKing with the Tiffany logo a few weeks ago . . .

 By: Dr No : December 11th, 2008-11:38
. . . adorning the wrist of a gentleman seated next to me at the local tavern, which sparked a half-hour conversation . . . it was of early 80s vintage on a Jubilee bracelet, and I would have made inquiries into it's availability if it hadn't been for the... 

Thanks a lot Jeff for this excellent article. [nt]

 By: foversta : December 11th, 2008-15:06
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My pleasure FX ! [nt]

 By: DrStrong : December 12th, 2008-01:37

Great Work!

 By: rcarney : December 21st, 2008-20:10

rolex tiffany

 By: mlupo : January 3rd, 2009-13:38

Very interesting Thread...

 By: jd0lzz : April 17th, 2010-15:06
My father just recently gave me his '86 Rolex Submariner with a Tiffany Dial. I have the original box, and the original sales receipt from Tiffany's, The problem I am having is, although I know it exists, I cannot find the original Rolex Certificate. Does...  

did they retail any GMTS?

 By: donzi22 : April 17th, 2010-21:37
Jeff this is report is right on time for me.........great minds think alike. dynamite post! Ian