6240 No Oyster on Dial

Mar 13, 2013,13:19 PM

Hello all,

I am new to this forum, and found it while doing research on a 6240. In your forum I noticed a comment that the 6240 without the word "OYSTER" on the dial was a very rare and possibly "none-existent" (though one was pictured in the thread) animal. I just wanted to offer a "second sighting" of such a model.  I haven't found another with the jubilee style bracelet, however. Sorry for the doubled up images - I couldn't figure out how to delete the duplicates. Enjoy! Martin

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The "Oyster" is being discussed among collectors...

 By: DrStrong : March 14th, 2013-09:55
...but IMHO it's OK and consistent with other 6240 dials that I know (photo E. Ku) ...