Dec 10, 2023,22:38 PM

great looking watch and it sounds like Lady Luck was shining on you 😀

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Happened to walk into a Tudor boutique while traveling

 By: edtonkin : December 9th, 2023-23:23
and asked for the Black Bay 54. Lo and behold they had just checked one in 6 minutes before I arrived. I’ve tried asking for one wherever I’ve been and no luck. So it felt to me as if it was meant to be! I snagged it and am really happy with it. I love th...  

Really lucky you.

 By: amanico : December 10th, 2023-07:52

This is eye catching…

 By: ArmisT : December 9th, 2023-23:45
is this a new release or has it been in the catalog for years?

A new release. 37mm and thinner than

 By: edtonkin : December 9th, 2023-23:59
previous Black Bay models. Introduced at Watches and Wonders this year.

Looks great!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : December 10th, 2023-00:14
It's nice when something is in stock 👍🤣

Great watch and great car too.

 By: hora12reborn : December 10th, 2023-06:26

Congratulations on a great watch.

 By: MilDiver : December 10th, 2023-06:50
It sits great on the wrist. This and the Alpine Eagle XPS “salmon” are the crown jewel of the 2023 W&W.

Difficult to resist to this Tudor, well done!

 By: 1WatchMan : December 10th, 2023-07:15
A friend just got the same, and I really like it. Enjoy it!

Happy for your luck.

 By: LarsG : December 10th, 2023-07:29
It looks good on you and those BB’s from Tudor still impresses me. Enjoy!

A great addition!

 By: KURT_DAVID : December 10th, 2023-19:32
Hope you get as much enjoyment from your Tudor as I do with mine. 🍻


 By: Drek : December 10th, 2023-22:38
great looking watch and it sounds like Lady Luck was shining on you 😀

Well caught!

 By: halkcb : December 11th, 2023-00:56
Looks good on you....enjoy it!

PS: Here is the link:

 By: amanico : December 11th, 2023-08:12