Jul 01, 2020,08:22 AM

GMT , old case new pushers and crown
Case is grey cermet

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Wow, I love it! I never look much at this brand.

 By: MichaelC : July 1st, 2020-08:39
I know a lot of our members like RM. This version is awesome. I imagine it is very expensive.

Not new feature [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : July 1st, 2020-09:04

There are two versions of the chrono, with and without gmt.

 By: als1678 : July 1st, 2020-11:53
The changes in this new version are purely cosmetic.

All variations of 11:

 By: edo.k : July 1st, 2020-12:17
11 was chrono, 11-01 is Mancini with 45 minutes football scale, 11-02 was GMT, 11-03 is redesigned chrono in new case with side pieces on the bezel, 11-04 is another Mancini is same case design as 11-03, and on this 11-05 they brough back old case but wit... 

Super cool.

 By: andyhud : July 1st, 2020-08:51
Way out of my league, but in the press photos I love this one. The legibility isn't perfect, but with a watch this cool I don't think I'd really care much. Big fan of this release.

Made of Unobtainium by most :) [nt]

 By: Clueless_Collector : July 1st, 2020-08:51

Is it thick -yes bit bulky! Is it beautiful -Not classically! Is it groundbreaking - Not really!

 By: redcorals : July 1st, 2020-09:32
Is it legible- well who reads the time ! Is it cheap - GTFO! Is it avail? You crazy! OK I def want it !!

Nice accents

 By: colton_d : July 1st, 2020-09:47
I like the use of the St Barths LE of the 060-01 colour accents. Presents in a very nice and fresh feel combined with the grey cermet. Thanks for sharing, and hope you are well Mohannad Colton

I need this scale model I NEED IT [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : July 1st, 2020-11:15

yes definitely [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : July 1st, 2020-17:55


 By: colton_d : July 2nd, 2020-04:45
My mistake, how uncouth of me. I like your inspiration much better. Colton

I like it

 By: grahamhar : July 1st, 2020-11:50
While the visual design is nothing new the use of new material underlines the brands DNA I am a little surprised it was launched in the RM11 form factor and not something like the RM35

I noticed the 50 meter rating...

 By: myles721 : July 1st, 2020-13:03
Question: Does RM say you can swim with it and do they discourage swimming, snorkeling etc?

Yes same as the 11 [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : July 2nd, 2020-00:42

Agree [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : July 2nd, 2020-01:27

50m water resistance?

 By: Blesk : July 3rd, 2020-17:06
With all that technology you’d think RM could at least make it 100m. Not asking for much. I like the return to the classic shape. Colour is fantastic.