Well... It's all personal opinion...

Jun 04, 2023,02:13 AM

It's all personal opinion.  I'd say Piaget does get the respect it deserves.  And it's a highly respected brand.  

When you say "highest of quality" I must politely inquire if you know what constitutes the "highest of quality" in such context?  And specifically what aspect of quality were you referring to?  You say you've collected watches for many years, and there are many collectors who've collected for many years who know very little, and some who've collected for only a short period but are true experts.  So unfortunately this length of time doesn't mean very much unless you subject yourself to a standardized test (which does exist, provided by the FHH).  If you're a humble man, then you'll agree that we can always learn more; I also suggest you do some research about various factors of quality - I myself am trying to learn more about manufacturing processes myself.  Piaget is definitely a very high quality watch.  But in some areas, it's not known to be the highest in quality. For instance, in movement finishing, Piaget is good, but not at the "highest of quality" level in some regards.  It is definitely among the best in terms of movement architecture - the thin movement architecture is extremely difficult to make and it is extremely difficult to make a reliable movement.  But Piaget sometimes uses "easier architecture" to achieve these - for instance I'm not sure if Piaget has committed to completely avoiding the use of a wire spring in its movements - higher quality manufacturers eschew wire springs and only use bar springs (I'm not talking about hairspring or mainsprings, those can be made of something we'd consider to be a metal wire).  Piaget has substantial experience in the ultra thin field - and sometimes is even contracted by other watchmakers to help assist with technical challenges when making thin movements.  As for your other questions...  It's all about aesthetics and personal tastes.  Which vary by region.  Piaget is very strong in South East Asia.  Hublot is very strong in Spanish and Portuguese speaking areas.  But among collectors here, of which on WatchProSite we have some of the most keen and sophisticated collectors (I realize I'm patting my own back - apologies), some would say Piaget has some flaws in their designs.  Some models have dials with bad proportions that don't go well with the thin case bezel.  If I were to be hypercritical - I don't like the word "AUTOMATIC" on my dial if it can be avoided.  As to me, I don't need to be reminded that my watch is automatic.  Again, I come back to my beginning - full circle - it's all personal opinion.  Piaget is just not loved by the masses the same way as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, etc.

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New to Piaget with Altiplano

 By: tom18 : June 3rd, 2023-05:13
All, I am a long time watch collector. For some reason, I avoided Piaget for many years. I recently became very intrigued by the Altiplano and picked one up. This is really an amazing watch. It is so thin, but they managed to create 4 layers of depth in t...  

Well... It's all personal opinion...

 By: patrick_y : June 4th, 2023-02:13
It's all personal opinion. I'd say Piaget does get the respect it deserves. And it's a highly respected brand. When you say "highest of quality" I must politely inquire if you know what constitutes the "highest of quality" in such context? And specificall... 


 By: rip9er : June 4th, 2023-23:21

Piaget does make beautiful watches like yours, but...

 By: Poktori : June 5th, 2023-09:26
...they don't promote themselves as a watch brand, despite having a very respectable portfolio of high quality watches, dials, and movements that goes back decades. Rather, they like to emphasise that they're a high-end jewellery brand tied to celebrities... 

This is so interesting

 By: tom18 : June 6th, 2023-19:51
Poktori, your reply answers alot of questions I had about the brand. Thanks so much!

My pleasure! :-)

 By: Poktori : June 7th, 2023-05:42


 By: Sleeper : June 7th, 2023-23:12
One of my favorite brands and you can always be certain of the highest quality. My experience with their service department has also been excellent - relatively quick and fairly priced (to my surprise).