Parlor Games

Aug 01, 2022,03:22 AM

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Hot and Delicious 😋

 By: cshimokita : August 1st, 2022-08:04
That guy has been making pizza for a long time... a slice of history there. Casey .


 By: EinPa : August 2nd, 2022-02:24
He’s from Naples and lives in a small rural town. He works alone. His wife in the chair is from Kentucky and is quite old. When you call to order (if you can find a place with a cellular signal) You either get an old world Italian voice answering or a tot... 

Filled with melancholy after seeing this photo. The thought that there are are fewer good days ahead than behind.

 By: John-E-Mac : August 2nd, 2022-03:37
The thought that another treasure will be lost to time bothers me. Probably the best pizza in a fifty-mile radius. One day it will end with a locked door. Thank you for the window into a life! -John

You know

 By: EinPa : August 2nd, 2022-07:36
I thought exactly the same. There will be a day soon where he is there alone and then it will be locked. I sort of fantasize it’s because he’s having a last meal at someone else’s place on a street in Naples, but it’s more likely he’ll just pass away alon...  

gloomy yet romantic

 By: Gelato Monster : August 3rd, 2022-02:30

Coming back around…

 By: John-E-Mac : August 6th, 2022-04:32
This is the type of art that strikes deep into the soul of an individual. At first blush, it is a photo of a a pizza parlor. However, the more you linger in the image, you see and feel more things. Simply, thank you. -John

Thanks John

 By: EinPa : August 7th, 2022-14:37
In some ways the Black and white one I posted on this thread is even more devastating. I like this type of editorial photography where it’s busy and the message reveals itself

Lots to process with this photo and the comments with regard passage of time..

 By: Echi : August 3rd, 2022-06:41
One of those images that triggers something for sure.