Night shoot with Nikon D800E

Nov 30, 2019,08:04 AM

Went to Wuzhen, China earlier this month for a couple of days.  Wuzhen is a beautiful "water town" and I took a few photographs to share here.

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Thank you, my friend...

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-17:15
got to do some traveling before it gets too cold..


 By: Jurry : November 30th, 2019-10:06
Great pictures I’m in doubt between 5he second and the very last one to be my nr 1 pick. Thanks for sharing because this will allow us to “virtually travel” to places we would otherwise never visit and thus would never see their particular beautiful stree... 

Thank you Super

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-17:19
The easy thing about travel photography is doing the regular "touristy" shots. Glad you like it. With a reliably good camera - it is virtually focus and snap, even at night. It is a record of the travel made. /W72

Very nice photos

 By: descartes1 : November 30th, 2019-13:02
D800/850 is a wonder, especially in low light. I’ve shot one for years

Yes, the D800 series..

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-17:27
is really a good camera for low light and hand held. I was also using the M9 but it was a struggle to capture without tripod. These are in JPEG (direct from the camera) and with little (minor) post adjustments. The location, Wuzhen, is scenic in general a... 


 By: Jurry : December 1st, 2019-04:02
I just got the D7500 Not worked out all it’s features yet but an easy to use camera which, according to specs, should be in between amateur and prof

Wuzhen is tourist friendly...

 By: cshimokita : November 30th, 2019-14:56
I like the way the city uses lights to enhance the visual effect... under the decks-bridges and on the building exterior-roofs to make the night scenes more attractive... and no ugly signage to distract... kudos to the local community tourist board. Thank... 

Thanks Casey,

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-17:34
Wuzhen is indeed tourist friendly. As you said, they did a good job in making the place "interesting" for visitors, especially at night, with the colourful lighting. Like with all popular tourist spots in China, the crowd is something to be reckon with. I... 

Thanks SF

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-20:42
Wuzhen really is photogenic, the scene just presents itself - I only press the shutter, it is that easy ... BTW, I am using a 35mm lens f/2. ...  

Great capture of such scenic spots!

 By: fernando : November 30th, 2019-19:44
I will be travelling to Yunnan province in about 2 weeks time. Hopefully, will be able to get some decent shots like yours. Thanks for sharing.

hi Fernado - thanks

 By: W72 : November 30th, 2019-20:47
for your kind words. Yunnan is another great place for photography. Take lots of picture and share it here. The M10 will be a great tool for street scene. Have fun my friend. /W72