Live report on the new reference 6007G

Mar 31, 2023,14:26 PM

The only picture with all four versions together smile

The new reference 6007G is perhaps the most important release in the collection for many reasons. Its accessibility compared to the other new releases at lower price point and "younger looks" as Patek tries to capture a new audience, and perhaps gives an option to the Aquanaut as a first purchase.

Before we look at the new reference 6007G in detail, some background to this classic Calatrava reference. The lineage started with the reference 5000 back in 1992 with a limited release of 1000 pieces made in white gold over two years, with 33mm case, automatic with cal.240. Hence the offset subsidiary seconds. This followed by yellow gold and rose gold versions, including a special edition for Hausmann in 1994, in 100 pieces.

The 5000 series gave way to the reference 6000 in 2005. The model had a larger 37mm case in WG and offered the date along the circumference with a date pointer. Controversial amongst collectors and critics as they flaunted it as a very expensive. Harsh in my opinion, as it definitely tried to bring a modern look and aesthetic to the traditional looks of the 5000. A rose gold version soon joined the collection. Finally, in 2017 the reference 6006G was launched aesthetically similar but with a larger 39mm case, thus ending the regular Calatrava 5000/600x series.

The last update was the new 6007, in a steel case in a new 40mm case celebrating the new manufacture opening and made in a limited-edition of 1000 pieces celebrating the opening of the new manufacture. It is from this piece the new reference 6007G is produced. The new reference has the same case dimensions at 40mm and has the new calibre 26-330 movement, as opposed to the cal.324 in the original steel version.

The dial is now ebony black with the signature embossed carbon pattern, but with the minute markers in sky blue, yellow or red. The seconds track has been changed from the steel model, into what I would describe as a racing style track again in colours matching the seconds hand and minute track. The design is influenced by motor sport.

Once again, it’s a bold move taking Patek out of its traditional design aesthetic. It will add a classic sporting option to the Calatrava range. The Calatrava collection is now very diverse and different from the days of the ref.3796/5196, 3919,5116 etc. The classic watches are being replaced with a more dynamic collection, with these new 6007, the Calatrava weekly calendar, the new 24-hour travel time Calatrava as well as the 6119.

Of the range, as bold as the new references are, the steel was easily my choice for its rarity, metal choice and aesthetic.

and that's it from me, my last post with live pictures from W&W for WPS. Its been a pleasure to make the effort (at my own expense) from Baselworld/W&W  to try and give you a flavour of the new releases over the years. I hand that baton over to FabR who I am sure will make the effort to keep this tradition of live reviews from the fairs going, going back to the great moderators like Dje, Smallluxuryworld (Oliver Meindl), Forvesta. 

its been a ride.

memories smile


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thanks for the lovely photos

 By: keks : March 31st, 2023-15:02
I too prefer the steel version over these new releases but unfortunately not lucky enough to own one.... The new release is a welcome one although I am not quite sure of the reason to go with 3 colors at the same time... but if I was to choose I would eas... 

yellow for me too

 By: blau : March 31st, 2023-15:45
That strap would have to go, though.

haha yes

 By: keks : March 31st, 2023-17:54
horrendous but that is a nonissue!

Anyone else look at these and think...

 By: blau : March 31st, 2023-15:47
that Patek is pushing into a more contemporary sporty colorful design direction, but that they are not quite at home yet with those kinds of designs?

that is an excellent way of phrasing it.

 By: Peter : April 1st, 2023-06:56
some of their new designs, including certain rare handcraft, look extremely contrived. it is like an old noble gentlemen who wants to become a boxing champion. he will probably end up being the laughing stock of the audience.

I actually like these

 By: TeutonicCarFan : March 31st, 2023-17:13
They would be a great everyday watch. I think they missed the mark on water resistance. If these were at 50m I could see it being great to wear , weekend getaway, maybe hotel pool or by beach. 100m and it could replace the nautilus for me. The colors are ... 

I miss the 5000s, 6000G in both black and grey dial, and the black 6006G. That 6006G they kept too short.

 By: patrick_y : March 31st, 2023-17:22
But I'm not crazy about this latest one. But that's okay, I don't have to be crazy about everything. Thank you for this excellent post that combines a bit of history with it!

6006g for sure

 By: keks : March 31st, 2023-17:56
for some reason 6006 was never a reference that got attention, personally I found it very appealing and was looking forward to additional iterations of it.. a pity as it has so much potential to create varieties out of!

Most people never liked the 6000 nor the 6006...

 By: patrick_y : March 31st, 2023-18:01
All of the people in my family didn't like it and thought I was crazy for thinking of buying one. Over a decade ago I was going to acquire the 6000G, it had my requirements; date, micro rotor, and a deployment clasp and I liked the look. Apparently I was ... 


 By: keks : March 31st, 2023-18:44
I was a big fan of the black 6000G and still contemplate one every once in a while... perhaps one day I will stumble upon one

I hope so!

 By: patrick_y : March 31st, 2023-19:15
I liked both the black and the grey 6000G. Wouldn't mind having one on my wrist...

hope you will find one for you...!

 By: keks : April 8th, 2023-05:17
personally I was hoping the 6006 would see further iterations before taken off the shelf but seems Patek thought differently!

Thank you…

 By: Musashi83 : March 31st, 2023-18:55
very much, the photos and report are greatly appreciated. Your photos tells me I was right in contacting my AD about these watches. Again thanks for all of your hard work.

thanks this is a great report

 By: Francoamerican : April 1st, 2023-01:43

Thank you so much for your work and time, mon ami. I still damn the issues I had with my phone network which made me miss you. As for this watch, I could see it through the window display and...

 By: amanico : April 1st, 2023-06:26
In real, it is even more evident than on pictures... The Yellow makes me think of an Amvox One R, in platinum. Nice Calatramvox! Best, mon ami. Nicolas

Thanks Imran for sharing your knowledge and the history of the 6007 !

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2023-07:52
These brighter (bolder) colors demonstrate to me that Patek is serious in extending and modernizing the Calatrava line, post the success of 6007A LE. Bring out three colors/version concurrently was a pleasant surprise to me 😃

At almost $38,000 I would prefer a guilloche dial instead of stamped...

 By: mdg : April 1st, 2023-18:28
...but then I suppose it would be $58k instead : ) Oh, and match the date background to the dial...

thank you so much, what a nice write up

 By: Dauster : April 1st, 2023-23:49
thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice pics too. May I ask how did you get access to W&W if you traveled on your own dime ? I thoguth you need some kind of invitation / press tickets ?