Happy Monday to all!

Sep 18, 2023,19:04 PM

Glad to enjoy my Wonder Watch finally again after the summer break πŸ˜‰

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Imho too πŸ˜‰

 By: Mike H : September 18th, 2023-19:46
3448 has such a perfect pure design and is a real horological marvel, with plenty of PP DNA…

One of the most elegant and beautiful Pateks

 By: Chicolini : September 18th, 2023-19:46
ever made IMHO. Indeed among all watches.

I think I was very lucky and…

 By: Mike H : September 18th, 2023-19:58
…yes I think I have to agree. Every time I have it on my wrist I stare at it and I smile

Thanks my friend πŸ™

 By: Mike H : September 18th, 2023-19:59
Me too every time it is on my wrist

Ouch, a killing beauty!

 By: amanico : September 18th, 2023-20:58

Sincere Pleasure, mon ami.

 By: amanico : September 18th, 2023-21:38

Simply gorgeous!

 By: ChristianDK : September 19th, 2023-04:30

Thank you for the compliment!

 By: patekova : September 19th, 2023-11:39

Such a beautiful piece.

 By: Champthekid : September 18th, 2023-21:10
Congratulations on ownership.

Perfection. My grail watch

 By: ChristianDK : September 19th, 2023-04:29
Enjoundear friend

Such class

 By: TeutonicCarFan : September 19th, 2023-12:14
Thanks for sharing this gem

What an elegant timepiece

 By: CP CP : September 19th, 2023-13:04
Beautiful dial and case/lugs design. Thanks for sharing!

With such an iconic watch on your wrist, you

 By: GLau : September 19th, 2023-18:27
must always be happy ! Beautiful strap by the way !

Crazy stunning my friend ❀️

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 19th, 2023-18:43

Beautiful watch

 By: watch-er : September 19th, 2023-23:14

I would love to see the new inline PC

 By: watch-er : September 19th, 2023-23:18
with the same exquisite dial color and format. The older Patek's has such an old-world elegance.

Wowza 😊

 By: Rastro : September 20th, 2023-03:42
Thanks for sharing Mike πŸ‘


 By: Stephen_Grossman : September 20th, 2023-14:39
A genuine classic to enjoy forever…..

The one and only Wonder Watch!

 By: Costa (aka Connie) : September 21st, 2023-11:18
Superb. It is the classic PP PC. The perfect combination of class and style. Thank you for the post. I always love seeing this watch. Wear it in good health. Costa


 By: prvogelsang : October 2nd, 2023-12:29
So elegant. The symmetry. Legibility. Robust caliber. Perfection.