Going today with something elegant and versatile at the same time.

Nov 21, 2023,09:52 AM

My trusted 5170 G with the best case proportions of all of my chronographs.


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Many thanks!

 By: jlux : November 21st, 2023-15:48

Nice picture. Green strap?

 By: hora12reborn : November 21st, 2023-12:40


 By: hora12reborn : November 21st, 2023-17:43

The most beautiful modern chronograph I owned!

 By: ZSHSZ : November 21st, 2023-13:59
Quiet, detailed and sensual.🥂

Hi Gerald, your watch has charm !

 By: GLau : November 21st, 2023-14:18
The Brequet numerals look delicious ! How do the pushers feel ?

The pushers are very very smooth in operation.

 By: jlux : November 21st, 2023-15:50
And yes, the Breguet numerals give depth to the dial.

dream watch

 By: psfparis : November 21st, 2023-14:54
need to talk to my banker

Good luck ... :-)

 By: jlux : November 21st, 2023-22:53

...I'm in love ;-)

 By: j.jota : November 21st, 2023-17:03

Don't tell your wife !!

 By: jlux : November 21st, 2023-22:53

Really nice watch. This is favorite version of all the gold 5170s. For me - perfect case size and thickness, classic Calatrava style case,

 By: patekova : November 22nd, 2023-19:17
my favorite dial with Breguet numerals and the historically rare (compared to tachometer) pulsations track and very versatile white metal (perfect with jeans to tuxedo). Great vintage type look with a modern reliable movement. (This style dial in a Ref 53... 

So underrated

 By: descartes1 : November 23rd, 2023-18:51

Nicely captured.

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2023-22:45