A miraculous three weeks!!

Jan 11, 2020,23:07 PM

Steel Patek watches have become quite a novelty these days and I am not just referring to the Nautilus and Aquanaut.  I personally am partial towards steel because I like my watches light (he lighter the better!) and currently have four steel watches in my current collection of eight watches. And I would be lying if I did not admit that the fact that they are cheaper than the precious metal cases is an added attraction! My next two incoming watches will be a 5711/1A and a steel Gronefeld Remontoire.  But not in my wildest dreams would I have expected to be the proud owner of the gorgeous 5212/1A and the limited edition 7234A, that was released for the Singapore exhibition, all within a space of three weeks!  

Only 10 days ago, I had dropped by at my Malaysian AD to enquire about my request for a 7234A and I had been told that my application had not been approved.  I thought to myself 'fine' as I buy all my Pateks from my UK AD so it was arguably fair that more deserving cases in South East Asia (like CBB for example!) were allocated one.  Then a few days ago, my AD gave me a call saying she had some good news for me and that she had made a mistake.  A 7234A had my name on it and was waiting for me in the shop.  I cannot describe how this roller coaster ride felt emotionally.  Incidentally, I will be flying to the UK on Tuesday and will be wearing the 7234A as it will be perfect for my travels. The light blue dial; is a sight to behold as it changes colour in the light to a grey and then back to a blue.  Another unexpected joy is the comfortable blue strap which is unlike any other.  It gives me the watch a casual look as does the tan strap on the 5212A.  A purist who met me yesterday remarked that these two watches were a departure from what I usually buy as I have tended to focus on dress watches with the conventional black or dark brown straps.

When the 5711/1A finally arrives, I will post my trilogy of steel Pateks. I feel most blessed and although I do like certain independent brands, there is a certain allure of Patek Philippe which perhaps explains why it remains and will remain the core of my small collection.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

My new babies!

They both fit well despite being 2.5mm different in size

Sorry, not the best photos of the movement

Notice the difference of the dial colour in all three photos of the 7234A

A clearer photo of the movement of the 7234A with the Singapore exhibition print on the sapphire crystal glass

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Thank you very much Nico!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-00:20
I am almost selfishly hoping that Patek will not bring out anything nice in the next few years as my watch budget is non existent apart from the budgeted pieces!

Big congrats again, my friend

 By: rnaden : January 11th, 2020-23:50
Certainly a really great start to the year with these two. Both are definitely a departure from your others but a little variation is always a good thing. Safe and happy travels! Richard

Thank you so much Richard!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-00:21
I feel young again with these two casual looking watches!

You are young :-)

 By: rnaden : January 12th, 2020-16:35
What are you talking about ;-)

Young at heart for sure

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:11
but age is a relative thing so 56 seems a lot older than the rest of you guys! Thanks Richard

Ha! Ha! Ha!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-00:23
I feel I have already won the lottery in both countries with these watches!!

Huge Congrats my friend .

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 12th, 2020-00:20
Def two great looking PPs that i can see myself wearing too . Love them both . Like you said the 7234A with a nice casual look and the more dressy looking Calatrava . Looking forward to see them in person in the near future. Wear them in good health

Thank you for your kind words my friend

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-00:25
I have so many watches to show you that I feel you need to make a trip here!

A trip thats for sure on my list my friend.

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 12th, 2020-00:38
πŸ€— hope to get the chance to travel more intercontinental this year πŸ™πŸ» would love to see you and your amazing collection again

Excellent news my friend!!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-01:01
I will not only line up my small collection for you to view but also as many purists as possible for you to meet up with. They are a friendly lot here in Kuala Lumpur.

That would be great my friend!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:21
I am sure Ming would also welcome you since you are one of its top customers!

Thank you Reuven!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-00:59
I think so too!

Huge congratulations Sham !

 By: mahesh : January 12th, 2020-00:57
Travel time is a very useful complication

Thank you Mahesh!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-01:02
The legible dial and the lume makes it very legible too!

Thank you so much for the compliment!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-08:30
Ironically only 2 years ago I had ordered a 7234R and cancelled the order as I was distracted by another purchase. So you can imagine how I felt when I found out that Patek were going to release the 7234A! Some things are just meant to be I guess.


 By: keks : January 12th, 2020-02:27
The 7234A is a particular piece I would love to see more of as there is very little so far... please share more photos of it in various light as I trust the dial can change quite a lot. It looks to me very good and the most interesting of the Singapore ex... 

Thank you for your reply!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-08:36
I must admit that I was not too keen on the other Singapore limited editions as they had a lot of red in them which was not to my liking. So if they had come up with a 7234A with a red dial, I would probably have not placed an order. The blue dial is mesm... 

Congrats Sham!

 By: JTCL : January 12th, 2020-02:55
Both are absolute dreams. I have been thinking about the 7234A for quite some time but have been hestitating because I haven't "established relationships" with my local AD. Do you happen to have idea on the number still available and how much business you... 

Thanks for your post!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-08:52
According to my AD, the 7234A has now been fully allocated. How it works normally is when the pieces are released it is always best to place an order with one's AD as soon as possible. From what I have been told, VIP clients from South East Asia were invi... 

Thank you for the in-depth insight Sham!

 By: JTCL : January 12th, 2020-09:53
This is why I love this community. I think I'll give my local ADs a shot, and if all else fails, focus my effort in Japan instead 🀣

You are most welcome!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:57
I am not sure if you are based in Malaysia or Singapore but I wish you all the best in your quest! You never know - there could be someone who had ordered a 7234A bui changed their mind later on! Yes I know, not very likely but you never know!

The 7234A is stunning!

 By: M4 : January 12th, 2020-02:55
I'm blown away. Thanks for posting. M4

The 5212A is not bad either! :-)

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-08:55
But I could not agree with you more. Such is the beauty of the 7234A that a gorgeous watch like the 5212A has to play second fiddle.

Wear them in good health

 By: jonnlee5711 : January 12th, 2020-04:19
Two beautiful pieces and really useful complications.

It is at times likes these

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-08:58
that one could do with more than two wrists!! I have no idea how the 5711 is going to compete with these two!!

I think it does!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:01
Let's put it this way. One could win the lottery but still not get allocated a 7234A. Ok, admittedly one could console oneself with a minute repeater but still not a 7234A!

Pretty exciting few weeks!

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 12th, 2020-05:43
The Pilot is something I will chase once it becomes more widely available (hopefully a regular production piece in the next year or two). Perfect size, and with those pushers it does wear a little larger. Make sure to post some pictures from your travels ... 

would love to see....

 By: keks : January 12th, 2020-06:48
a purist pro edition of the 7234A.... black gloss dial would work for me!


 By: keks : January 12th, 2020-10:55
I think it is time for a PP PuristPro watch And a 7234A with black enamel dial would be sufficient... !

A great idea except

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:03
that I am not sure if Patek would agree since I have never seen a Hodinkee Patek and there has practically been a Hodinkee everything else (apart from Patek and Rolex)!

Never say never ;)

 By: keks : January 13th, 2020-04:32
I would not see it in any ways strange if this community would be given the opportunity for a forum edition. It surely is the most established PP forum out there for quite some time with a fair share serious enthusiasts... but yes perhaps not going to hol... 

I may be wrong

 By: sham1 : January 13th, 2020-05:50
but I think Patek are extremely selective over special and limited editions especially nowadays when for example, all the Singapore limited edition watches are selling at a premium in the used market whereas the London limited edition watches which were p... 

Ok so we got 2!

 By: keks : January 13th, 2020-04:33
It’s a start!

Count me in!!

 By: sham1 : January 13th, 2020-05:51

I think a purist Patek

 By: sham1 : January 13th, 2020-05:44
would be sold out in hours as long as it is not a minute repeater!

I would be keen to see if Patek do a steel pilot

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:05
with a different colour dial but one of the main criticisms of the pilot watch was that it should have been released in steel rather than white gold. If it was released in steel, the waiting list would have made getting the Nautilus seem relatively easy!

You are an optimist Jay!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-17:37
Let us wait and see

Beautiful watches Sham. They fit you well. I need to start acquiring lighter watches. I am partial to rose gold. I Need to see the light.

 By: cpbmd : January 12th, 2020-06:59
Will we be seeing your beautiful skeleton Patek soon? Happy New Year Sham. CB

You remembered my skeleton??!!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:10
That is admirable. It remains in my AD's safe and at present I aim to collect it in 2028!! I too used to be partial to rose gold due to the richness of the colour but now I am more partial to steel. The 3878J. Discontinued 20 years ago but one awaits me i...  

Thanks for the pic Sham.

 By: cpbmd : January 12th, 2020-11:56
I love the skeleton Patek. I never knew it existed until you showed it to me. I hope to see it in your wrist soon. CB.

You are most welcome my friend.

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:08
I too did not know that it existed until I saw it. And the fact that it does not have an outer glass ring like the current 5180 and 7180 I feel makes it more attractive. I love watches where the movement fills up the case. To me it shows that the watch wa... 

Congratulations Sham1

 By: Gelato Monster : January 12th, 2020-07:24
It could only be a dream for me to have those two.

You are an easy man to please! :-)

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:50
One gelato for you coming up!

vanilla? true purist [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : January 12th, 2020-17:26

They are dream watches for me too!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:14
I always tell people, never buy a watch they like, buy a watch they love. For me these two are not just lovable watches but they are what dreams are made of. Feeling very lucky is an understatement

Thank you very much!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:17
I knew the 5212A had been allocated to me before the year end but the 7234A was a complete surprise.


 By: Mikesr  : January 12th, 2020-08:37
The blue one is perfect IMO Enjoy and wear in good health.

I am quite surprised actually

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-09:20
at how popular the 7234A seems to be even compared to the incredible 5212A which in itself is a design marvel. Thank you for your good wishes.

Huge congrats!! [nt]

 By: mj23 : January 12th, 2020-09:41

Thank you for saying so!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-17:36
I love them both!!

Congratulations. Best wishes. And I believe they were granted. πŸ‘

 By: geross : January 12th, 2020-10:38
You are really lucky. Cheers πŸ₯‚πŸΎ Geross

More than granted!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-17:41
As I had only wished for one, the other was a dream come true especially after having been told that my application had not been approved. Thank you for your best wishes!

Double congratulations to you Sham!

 By: KamalRostov : January 12th, 2020-15:23
Love that blue/grey dial 😍 Looking forward to see them in the metal.

You will! You will! :-)

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:10
Thanks Kamal. We must get together next month when I return from my travels.

Yes, we should meet up.

 By: KamalRostov : January 12th, 2020-18:48
I was unavailable during the last GTG.

There will be many more to come

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:59
now that a few of us live in the same enclave and you are a man of leisure my friend!

Congrats!!! A perfect pair of casual dress watches, and steel fits their character well!

 By: jleno : January 12th, 2020-17:41
I love the travel time implementation here, one of my favorites due to the way that it can be hidden. Really looking forward to some of your future acquisitions however

Thank you for your kind words!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-18:15
I too look forward to finally owning a Nautilus and the coveted Gronefeld Remontoire but for now, I shall be counting my lucky stars and enjoying these two beauties.

Huge congratulations Sham!

 By: BMR : January 12th, 2020-19:24
Incredible fortune, but well deserved! I am so happy to see you with this wonderful pair. They are beautiful! Enjoy them in the best of heath, my friend.

Thank you so much for your good wishes!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-22:18
I love them both equally and cannot thank my AD and Patek for being given the privilege to own them. Now maybe I am currently in La La land but I know not of many other brands that an owner would actually say that it was a privilege to own a timepiece fro... 

Huge congrats sham ! What a way to ...

 By: GLau : January 12th, 2020-22:59
end 2019 with the 5212, and start 2020 & the new decade with the 7234 ! Enjoy both often and leave some room for the 5711 !

Thanks a lot Gordon!

 By: sham1 : January 12th, 2020-23:20
And it would just be perfect to end 2020 with the 5711 - three steel Pateks in one year!!


 By: S.Song : January 13th, 2020-21:02
The 7234 is a very well executed watch, the blue with the steel case is a winner. Except I think it was a mistake to label it as a ladies watch as the sizing is perfect for guys like me who are more vintage inclined.

I agree with you totally!

 By: sham1 : January 13th, 2020-22:35
I tend to ignore Patek's classification of ladies and men's watches unless the watch has diamonds (apart from the 5170P!). More important is how the watch fits one's wrist. At the London exhibition in 2015, I bought the 7200R which was classified as a lad...  

Exactly! Seems there's more sense here than the general market.

 By: S.Song : January 14th, 2020-16:52
Another example is the Little Lange 1. At 36.8mm it's hardly little but such an unnoticed piece, all because its 'womens' ...  

You an I seem to be of similar mindset!

 By: sham1 : January 15th, 2020-01:19
The Little Lange 1 and Little Lange moonphase are my favourite Lange watches. Have you seen how well the movement fills up the 36.8mm case compared to the larger Lane 1s?! In addition, the guilloche dial is so attractive. Not too keen on some of the dial ... 

Great to know!

 By: S.Song : January 15th, 2020-16:11
Haha exactly! The guilloche is fantastic. The grey seems to be nice, perhaps the matching strap makes it more 'feminine', but if paired with a darker tone could be a winner.

I personally like the argente dial

 By: sham1 : January 15th, 2020-19:35
on the little Lange 1 moonphase. Oh well, brands could increase their sales if they stopped classifying their watches as men's or ladies. Let the customer decide themselves.


 By: philster : January 13th, 2020-21:25
Nice watch! Love the color and the size!

Thank you!

 By: sham1 : January 13th, 2020-22:36
I loved it when I first set eyes on it and believe it or not, the love is growing!

congrats my friend!

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 14th, 2020-12:17
2 WONDERS from Patek !! How long are you staying in London? I will be in central london tomorrow if you are available! Kev

Thanks Kev!

 By: sham1 : January 15th, 2020-01:15
I have just emailed you. Would love to meet up. Just not tonight as I have just walked into my flat. I hope next week will be ok with you.

yeah definitely !!

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 17th, 2020-15:00
I'm wondering if it's not also the occasion to get a GTG in London ? Kev

Will call you on Sunday to arrange something

 By: sham1 : January 17th, 2020-20:12
Meeting up with another purist later today