No way! The 3940 is perfect!

May 02, 2021,10:50 AM

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Would you trade 3940 for 5140 ?

 By: Vinh1 : May 2nd, 2021-10:01
Would you trade 3940 + 5k cash for a 5140 ? Both are in yellow gold Thanks for your inputs ...  


 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 2nd, 2021-10:13
I prefer the 3940. It has better dial symmetry. I also cannot get pass the smaller “5” and “27” numerals on the subdial at 6. Best Gatsby

I would not.

 By: jmerce : May 2nd, 2021-10:40

No way even without premium

 By: Mike H : May 2nd, 2021-10:41
I would trade the J for a R iteration which I find the most beautiful of the four metals, but in any case I would stick to 3940 the absolutely perfect daily wearer pc

No way! 😂

 By: Monopole : May 2nd, 2021-10:43

I understand your feeling well.

 By: anaroku : May 2nd, 2021-11:03
3940 is a good watch. But 5140 has another modern charm point ...  

Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder...

 By: MikiJ : May 2nd, 2021-12:14
It's your watch, and your money so whatever makes you smile is the right thing for you to do

The 3940 will hold its value better than the 5140

 By: sham1 : May 2nd, 2021-12:52
but the 5140 is more legible. I sold my 5940 because it was not legible. I find perpetual calendars like the 5320 and 5159 more legible as one can see all the information at a glance.

The 3940 is

 By: Rascal : May 2nd, 2021-12:55
THE perpetual calendar , the 5140 is a gorgeous piece but just the one after it...

I actually prefer the 5140.

 By: Watch_kha_wen : May 2nd, 2021-13:13
As I am not a big fan of the brownish indicator for day and night on the 3940. However the size of the 3940 is better IMO. Let us know what you go for. I am very very hesitant in getting a 5140 at the moment. Kev

I wouldn't...

 By: Watcholic_id : May 2nd, 2021-13:13
the case size & proportion is just perfect IMHO.

No need. 3940 looks great on your wrist to my eye.

 By: vitalsigns : May 2nd, 2021-13:46
Unless you strongly feel the 3940 is too small, or there are condition differences between the two, I'd stick with what you have. That said, if I was choosing and had neither, I would get the 5140. Cheers, John


 By: baufoam : May 2nd, 2021-13:57
The very best.


 By: Mikesr  : May 2nd, 2021-14:57
No way

I’ve got a 5140 and I also totally recommend keeping the 3940 :)

 By: pfang56 : May 2nd, 2021-15:59
While I absolutely admire the 5140 the 3940 has the most classic proportions. If you can afford it, you can find a 5140 for a decent price these days. Good luck! Peter


 By: Vinh1 : May 5th, 2021-13:33

Not a chance. It looks like the 3940 fits you perfectly. Really, 36mm is the size for your wrist.

 By: Galen : May 2nd, 2021-20:11
Don’t mess with perfection ( the complication and fit are perfect) C

I would not do the trade because ...

 By: GLau : May 19th, 2021-17:54
3940 is well balanced watch whereas the other one has a smaller 27. However if you like the bigger size, then go for it !

I passed on a new at the time 5140 so I could get .

 By: roger.goodgion : May 19th, 2021-18:43
A 3940R. I don’t regret it. The 5140 is a great watch, but I prefer the more spacious text. Follow your heart

You made the right choice imho

 By: Mike H : May 19th, 2021-19:04
The R iteration of 3940 is simply the nicest from all (I actually owned G R and P so I can judge). Big congrats to you 👍👏👏👏