Friday night dinner with decades old friends from the university... Sichuan cuisine by a Japanese Chef

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-05:23

I’m drooling as I typed this…damn, what a nice set.

 By: Clueless_Collector : June 4th, 2022-05:26

yeah... we were too lazy to pick from the menu and went straight for the set menu

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-05:49
it was very good and we could probably do with a little more spiciness 😅

2 Michelin stars

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : June 4th, 2022-06:24
It's definitely a restaurant worth the visit when in town.
Compared to the 1 star sushi restaurants it's also a huge steal.
I've accidentally checked the Michelin guide a couple of weeks ago because Singapore might be my August summer trip😎

Ginza Sushi Ichi is good if you're considering omakase style dining

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-06:50
I've shared some photos from my last visit here

Thank you👍

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : June 4th, 2022-06:57

you're welcome

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-12:53

Lucky you my friend

 By: Mike H : June 4th, 2022-08:27
It's mouthwatering 😋, looks fantastic 👌👌
I’m sure you had a great time 

yes Mike! especially with longtime friends as company 🥂

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-10:50

Wow, looks like as usual you had a superb dinner and a great time --- I confess that I always look at your food pictures and *never* get disappointed! ;-)) There's indeed nothing better than a great dinner with old friends! :-) Cheers.

 By: FabR : June 4th, 2022-11:40

thanks for the kind words, Fab! cheers 🥂

 By: terbaboom : June 4th, 2022-12:54

Indulgence menu. What a great name. Delicious.

 By: amanico : June 4th, 2022-16:36

hehehe... indeed, we should engage in a little indulgence from time to time 🥂

 By: terbaboom : June 5th, 2022-08:44

Always! ;)

 By: amanico : June 5th, 2022-08:55


 By: patrick_y : June 4th, 2022-22:12
So...  Who will dine with me the next time I'm in Singapore?


 By: terbaboom : June 5th, 2022-08:44

Sounds great! Can't wait! Hopefully it'll be safe to travel soon! I can't wait to see Singapore again!

 By: patrick_y : June 5th, 2022-18:54

London Duck?

 By: Benson Tan : June 5th, 2022-08:50
Peking Roast Duck should be better than London Duck.

i haven't tried their Peking Duck, but the roast duck was very good with its very crispy skin and just the right amount of fat :)

 By: terbaboom : June 5th, 2022-15:32

I just came across this, what a lovely event

 By: aperna : June 10th, 2022-22:57

yeah, good food with old friends is always lovely :)

 By: terbaboom : June 11th, 2022-01:35

Wow! I am starting to get the itch to travel again

 By: cazalea : June 11th, 2022-13:41
And EAT like a king as you seem to be doing every night!



hahaha... just happen to have events and other reasons to eat good stuff these few weeks...

 By: terbaboom : June 11th, 2022-14:40
otherwise, I'm usually happy with eating $5 meals from the food centres here 😅