Surely NOT a Panerai?!?

 By: MTF : May 16th, 2013-21:00

Dear forumners,


Shock!  Horror!  Probe!

I can't believe what has happened.  The current Mrs MTF and I have been adamant that there is no merit in Panerai watches....well, at least the ones made for public consumption are not. We may concede the few military-issue pieces had a job to do and reason to exist.


Secretly, I quite liked the Radomir lugs and she liked the Luminor crown thingy but not vice versa.


Last week, a watch-buddy took me to a Panerai boutique and I saw this:



The Panerai girl told me it was something called a PAM 049.  The current Mrs MTF (and I) actually like the style and 40mm seems almost human-scale!  smile


Looking through the most excellent PuristSPro Panerai forum, we discovered this model that is even better!

By the power of mysterious code numbers, it is called a PAM 114 and at 44mm, the size seems to attract the wife.


Now, we are supposed to go look at Panerai boutique and dealerships....right the next hour!  HELP.........over-rated or under-rated?






Well, if you have come this far......

 By: fernando : May 17th, 2013-02:03

there's no turning back now. smile smile   Good luck!


Stopped in our tracks: see thread below. (nt)

 By: MTF : May 17th, 2013-03:00

After the PAM ...

 By: nilomis : May 17th, 2013-02:32
Follows the wonderful syndrome of strap frenzy.

My friends that are Panerai owners states that its impossible to have less than five straps.



Disclaimer: I don't own any Panerai watch but I'm very tempted by the 40mm model.

I just heard they discontinued the PAM 049 and 114

 By: MTF : May 17th, 2013-02:59

but the Panerai Boutique is putting customers who enquire "on the waiting list to call you when stocks arrive".

But in reality, since they stopped production, the lists will be used when the replacement model (? ref no?) is introduced. Prices will be raised by 25%.


The reason to get a base Panerai, finally, after all these years is that we want to try the changing-lots-of-straps aspect.  I can easily afford straps but the watch heads are a different matter!  smile


The dealer "privately" told me to buy a 2nd hand Panerai instead of a new model. He won't even sell me a new Panerai of any sort.   I trust him because he has sold me other brands costing $150K and its not just about the's a mystery really: I did not ask why smile




Ahaha MTF, I am like you the Radiomir I like because of....

 By: Sandgroper : May 17th, 2013-03:46
the lug/straps combination, actually I like it very much! In a 40mm size (human size) as you put it, I will definitely go an try to acquire one, the Luminor definitely not for me nowadays but ...who knows!

Welcome to the madness

 By: flamenco : May 17th, 2013-04:19
kudos to Mrs MTF!

Resistance is quite futile ....

And it's not much bigger than the contemporary wink

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Panerai can become addictive...

 By: Donut : May 17th, 2013-08:25


Panerai is all about how it looks on your wrist from your vantage point....I wasn't ever sold until I put one on my wrist. Then it was over.



Good Luck.

LOL! Great Photo!

 By: patrick_y : May 17th, 2013-10:49
Great Photo!  Fantastic Photo!  

Shows the essence of Panerai Collecting.  

Good one! LOL !

 By: flamenco : May 18th, 2013-00:27
We can all identify with that wink

Your expression better than most of us !

This photo is precious!!!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 18th, 2013-07:12
An absolutely true that once you strap
Panerai you are done....well done

Lol love this pic!!!

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 18th, 2013-07:36
Enter your post text

Great pieces worth considering...

 By: patrick_y : May 17th, 2013-10:50
I personally really like the PAM 390, which at this point must be bought second-hand.  The 111 is also another popular choice.  


 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 18th, 2013-03:26
If I am honest, I am not a massive fan of Panerai......however, having said that I do own one Panerai. There are days when nothing other than a Panerai works! So, I say don't seem like intrinsic lovers of Panerai, but seem to be allured by something in aim for one.

But...make sure it is the right one. 

I guess that wasn't really helpful, was it?

You also have the 003, 10, 113, 07 and..... :)

 By: sergio : May 18th, 2013-04:02
but a white dialled Panerai, is still considered a pariah, outcast, a creation of a lesser God.
This is Granddad smile

You may want to wait a bit and wait for the new

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 18th, 2013-07:41
White dialed Luminor with in-house movement from SIHH 2013. I believe it's a 40mm but I have to check my notes. I have pics of it and will write a post about it soon.

Warning MTF, there is no turning back once you get your first Panerai!


MTF - here's the new PAM523 42mm Luminor w/ white dial

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 19th, 2013-19:43

It's a nice mix for you and Mrs. MTF because it's 42mm - between 40mm and 44mm smile

What's great about this new PAM523 is I believe it is Panerai's 1st glossy enamel-looking white dialed Luminor.  Normally Panerai dials are matte finished but this PAM523 white dial is shiny.  The black printed numerals are also glossy too like the dial, and the date disc background is a matching white too for a clean look.

Houses the P.9000 movement and retail price is $7,800. 


Details are important to ladies and the PAM 523 fails

 By: MTF : May 21st, 2013-19:20



Thanks for the photos that were shown to the current Mrs MTF.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the PAM 523 fails the font test.  If you look at the numerals (especially 6 and 4) and compare the three dials: 049, 114 and 523, you can see that the new font is incomplete.....the loop in the '6' is left open and the '4' is angular and wimpy.


Apparently, the old font on PAM 049 and 114 is "curvalicious and strong"......go figure.

Is there such a feeling amongst the Panerai crowd?




I don't think there is

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 21st, 2013-19:35
I personally prefer the loopy open 6 because that is the standard 6 found on Panerai sandwich dials. This time it's on a printed dial.

Anthony seems that the "standard" Panerai font

 By: MTF : May 21st, 2013-19:43

with the incomplete loop on the '6' like on the sandwich dials is exactly what has been unattractive to her until she saw the 049 and 114 "nice font"...hehehe.