Ploprof 600m and 1200m anyone ?

 By: Bill Sohne : June 2nd, 2009-01:23
Hi all

Well I got a fedex box from Omega today , but I did not get home until very late and my late night photo outing ended on a sour note....But we will get to that later....

Drum roll....

 First time on the net , at least to the best of my knowledge... A first look at the new 1200m Omega dive watch and a look back at the classic 600m from my collection....

I took some quick measurements of the case size...

One of the things I noticed is on the 600m the crystal is just under the level of the bezel.  This was a way of shrouding ( protecting the crystal ) from objects.   In comparison the crystal on the 1200 M is flush to the bezel.

The 1200 m is thicker and larger from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock in comparison to the 600M. It has slightly more heft then the 600 m.

I went ahead and tried taking multiple case angle shots of the new and old for your comparison...

Crown open....

The mesh band on the new 1200 m is quite nice....

As opposed to the traditional two piece spring loaded clasp of the 600m. The 1200M has a double push button locking clasp with folding blades .  So you can actually close this bracelet with one hand and not balance the watch on the wrist as you would the 600m.  This is a big improvement in and of itself.  I have heard many a story of a diver  dropping his watch on the deck of a boat, or worse, the watch falling over board not to be seen again..

The bracelet also sports an integrated diver extension and micro push adjustment.. The main extension simply unfolds from the clasp.

 In conjunction to that there is a micro adjustment mechanism that ratchets like a hand cuff to tighten it up against a wetsuit, much like a policeman's hand cuff.  You deploy it simply by pushing on the bar that is marked "PUSH".

For your info, I have just over an 8 inch wrist, and with the micro adjustment in its tightest setting the watch is still a little loose. If you have a 8.5 inch wrist the micro adjustment can be slightly extended.  Ok so where does that leave people with a wrist size of less then 8 inches ?  Once again unlike the 600 m mesh if you needed a shorter bracelet you would have to get a jeweler to CUT the bracelet ! This time around Omega has included removable links , 4 on either side of the clasp.  Please keep in mind I don't have a retail package watch, so no manuals.  The links look like the pins are friction fit and I do not know if a removal tool is part of the retail package.

The 1200M does not have spring bar holes ... but has a slight gap for access to remove the bracelet see yellow arrow...

A back shot of both watches and bracelets...

1200m with the wider ribbed bezel in comparison to the 600m


1200m  anodized orange button.  On my night time photos it hard to see but the minute hand is also anodized orange.

600m "Old Red" ...

1200m sporting the he release valve

600m sporting the old school thru and thru spring bar holes.

1200m  crown shot... notice that crown guard is not as sculpted as the 600 m below...

600m  You'll also notice that the crystal on the 600m is slightly recessed below the level of the bezel.

and a last few more parting shots...

Now back to the bad news...  When I took this shot I noticed that the seconds were slightly off.

 So I wanted to hack the two watches..  When I went ahead and unscrewed my 600m the entire crown and stem popped out of my watch .  I tried to put it back in, but unfortunately the "two part stem " is now in two parts and I can not get it back together. So from this point on I  went solo with just the 1200m.  

On a side note the screwdown crown on the 600m was counter intuitive you had  to get used to its left hand thread.  The 1200m lives up to to it heritage of a unique screwdown system that incorporates part of the crown guards. It is a two handed operation just like the bezel.

and a parting wrist shot...

Ok the time is now 4:13 am, the watch arrived at my door at 4 pm yesterday and I did not get home from the office till 9 pm last night...

Also don't forget it has cool blue luminous material  and an 8500 coaxial movement under the hood !!

Good Hunting

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thanks Bill, a great comparison review.

 By: G99 : June 2nd, 2009-01:59

thats what i call dedication, typing this up in the middle of the night. either dedication or madness smile



Thanks for your time and hard work, Bill

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2009-03:34

I had a lot of pleasure to see this comparative review of the original and the re edition, as it is always interesting to see how trustful is the work of our favourite brands in this " exercize of style "...

In temrs of thickness and size, I'm ...Deeply impressed.


I don't know very well the original, but I saw some in the lfesh, and they still looked very huge.

4 mm more are wearable?

Don't know...

Now, I'm very curious and will have to see a re edition in the flesh, to make my mind on this watch.

But your review gave me an interesting " avant gout ".

Thanks a lot, once again, Bill!



I understand your doubts regarding the massive size of the Ploprof, Nicolas . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2009-08:49
. . . but if it isn't an issue for me, it's not an issue! My preference for modesty in sizing and proportion is well established, and my disdain for trendy large watches has been expressed more than a few times on our forums, but the aesthetic effect the Ploprof projects has to be experienced in the metal to be fully appreciated. I wrote about it briefly last week . . .

. . . and would add the observation that the Ploprof's dissimilarity to the form of practically every other watch ever made seems to clear the mental slate, so to speak. The Ploprof doesn't bear the typical hallmarks of wristwatch design, and my sense is that it's uniqueness is what allows the mind to perceive it subliminally on it's own merits . . . cordially, Art
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Wow, Art, are you sure

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2009-11:20

you're not a Lawyer?

You're so brilliant in your analysis, my friend.


Very nicely written, Art.



Sadly, no, Nicolas . . .

 By: Dr No : June 3rd, 2009-08:39
. . . I'm merely a little cog in a great American corporate machine . . . warmest regards, Art

THank you Bill!

 By: francois : June 2nd, 2009-04:06
For this very interesting and quite complete (…for a 4h00 a.m. dissertation…) review!

That is a hunk of a watch! I wasn't quite expecting it to be even bigger than the 600m! Nearly indestructible too!

Quote: "Well I got a fedex box from Omega today"

…Omega's into Internet sales now? ;-)

You are killing me with these pics, Bill. It's torture!

 By: Ruckdee : June 2nd, 2009-07:33

Now I want mine to arrive much more quickly. Seriously, congratulations, Bill, on such a fine acquisition. I can't think of a current, regular production Omega watch that deserves to make it into your collection more.


I must have jumped the gun. Sorry. The watch is a review sample sent to Bill.

 By: Ruckdee : June 2nd, 2009-08:23
I feel there is a place in Bill's collection for this modern reincarnation of the Ploprof still. smile


nice comparison..

 By: dalevito : June 2nd, 2009-08:23
Saw the watch in Basel and my boss was wearing his original, so we've been waiting for something like this. Awesome, thanks

This is a review I wanted to see

 By: mrsnak : June 2nd, 2009-08:49

Thanks for the side-by-side comparison. Suspected the new one was larger, but nice to see exactly how much.

Excellent report, Bill!

 By: Tony C. : June 2nd, 2009-09:26

While even the vintage Plo is way too big for my wrist, I enjoyed your comprehensive comparison.

Well done!

Best regards,

Tony C.

Thanks Bill for the writeup of Ploprof 600m & 1200m. More supplementary pics ....

 By: Kong : June 2nd, 2009-09:30


To add a bit more length, push and slide ...


On a petite lady's hand ...

On a Strong Man ....

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Great photos, Kong! What's your impression of . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2009-09:40

. . . the wrist experience? Mine was wholly - and unexpectedly - positive . . . cordially, Art

Very dangerously positive, my friend! [nt]

 By: Kong : June 2nd, 2009-09:51
No message body

Wow, you've got every angle here !

 By: DrStrong : June 2nd, 2009-12:19

amazing pictures thanks for sharing !



Killer photos, Kong!

 By: dxboon : June 3rd, 2009-01:10
Thanks for the wrist shots in particular!  This baby looks absolutely beastly!  I'd be curious to try it on.


Thanks Daos for the kind words...

 By: Kong : June 3rd, 2009-01:26
when have a chance put it on. 

You will very likely to be surprised, Diver-watch lover smile


You know the saying about curiousity, Daos . . .

 By: Dr No : June 3rd, 2009-08:51
. . . tread carefully, lest you fall victim to the charms of this 'beastly baby' ;-) . . . cordially, Art


 By: dxboon : June 3rd, 2009-21:34
Funny, Art!  I worry more for you, dear fellow!  I sense the Ploprof has you in its grasp!  smile  I am tapped out for the year!  LOL!


Nice pics! Any idea on the MSRP!?!?!? [nt]

 By: matrix : June 3rd, 2009-11:33
No message body

Only have this part of the world....will PM you...its attractive. [nt]

 By: Kong : June 3rd, 2009-12:17
No message body

Great Photos.....Three Questions for you, Bill....

 By: db darien : June 2nd, 2009-10:46

Thanks for a great set of comparative photos, Bill.

I've worn both the new PLO Prof and the Rolex DSSD.  I own, you may recall, a PO (42 mm). 

  1. How big of a technical advancement do you think the new Omega Ploprof represents versus the older model?
  2. From a purely aesthetic and stylistic perspective (that is, putting aside movement and cost), how do you feel the Omega Ploprof stacks up against the new Rolex DSSD?
  3. From the perspective of a "day to day wearer" (that is, someone who will occasionally swim with the watch but uses it primarily as a daily beater that looks sharp....), how do you feel the Ploprof slots in with the base Planet Ocean?


This is the comparison

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : June 2nd, 2009-11:14
I was waiting for and dreaming of
Thank you a lot for the great work and joy you
delivered us
All the best

thanks for...

 By: MiniCooper : June 2nd, 2009-11:37

a great report

Thanks for an awesome report/pics Bill. [nt]

 By: matrix : June 2nd, 2009-11:48
No message body

Great post, very interesting comparison

 By: DrStrong : June 2nd, 2009-12:16

I still prefer the vintage one ;-)




 By: BDLJ : June 2nd, 2009-16:57

The 1200 isn't a front-loader and is too blingy (Bezel release button, Polished ridges on bezel, etc)

There is also more considered case work and form in the original.

I know Omega didn't want a 100% faithful reissue, but so much of that watch is cosmetically "enhanced" that it detracts, particularly when shown next to the original.

Original is a better dive watch

 By: Bonesmiller : June 8th, 2009-05:46
Absolutely agree with the above: too much of the tool nature of the original has been removed or replaced to satisfy current trends. If I didn't classify the Ploprof as the ultimate tool watch, these changes would be less bothersome I suppose. Just hard to beat this beauty:

Bill, you didn't mention the lug width of the SMP1200 - is it 24mm?

This is an awesome dive watch

 By: ling5hk : June 2nd, 2009-15:53

The case design is very unique and outstanding.  The bracelet and the clasp are very well designed.

Well done and thanks Bill.




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