Omega CK 2913/7 Seamaster 300 " Lollipop ".

Nov 01, 2019,04:45 AM

As a big fan of the CK 2913, I had the pleasure to fall on some interesting and great specimens. 

Here is one belonging to a good friend of mine, with a twist, a lollipop second hand. 

For those who are complaining about the impossibility to get some watches from the current production from some brands, there is a way to live a biggest pleasure, in my opinion. These vintage divers are one of these ways. 



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. . . and if you can't find a Seamaster diver, there's always . . .

 By: Dr No : November 1st, 2019-17:00
. . . land-dwellers of the species to consider. Of course, there's nothing in the SM line that surpasses the 2913 / 14755 / 165.024 divers for desirability, but Seamaster chronometers - especially second generation issues like this one - are nothing to sn...