Finally won the bid in the HK Antiquorum auction.

May 11, 2020,16:17 PM

Always wanted these as they are icon and represent the epitome of the quartz era ...
and the best part is that it’s complete with box and papers !

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Congrats! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 11th, 2020-16:53

Thanks Nico ! [nt]

 By: Horology75 : May 11th, 2020-17:09

Nice catch!

 By: cazalea : May 11th, 2020-16:56
I love it when vintage finds are complete sets. Cazalea

Agree boss ! [nt]

 By: Horology75 : May 11th, 2020-17:08


 By: Brandon Skinner : May 11th, 2020-16:58
Congrats... you are now in company with Roger W Smith👍

Great catch [nt]

 By: Jurry : May 12th, 2020-06:58

Great addition 👍 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : May 12th, 2020-19:50

Whoa, congrats!!

 By: CR : May 12th, 2020-20:31
Very rare to find one of these with its original box! I've seen quite a few with papers, but not with that box. What a wonderful addition! I love these watches. Back in 1999-2000, when I lived in Washington DC, I used to meet up on occasion with Bill Sohn...