Portuguese import mark on the upper left lug

Dec 04, 2014,08:44 AM

Congratulations on a very lovely find.





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A nice early Seamaster, and a few thoughts on semantics...

 By: Tony C. : December 2nd, 2014-12:19
As a vintage watch collector, I was blessed with small wrists. Contemporary watches are, generally speaking, too big for me, but a large majority of vintage watches work well. To be more specific, I can comfortably wear anything from around 32mm on up, bu...  

Thanks Nico! [nt]

 By: Tony C. : December 3rd, 2014-10:04

Hello Tony! What a wonderful timepiece you show and ...

 By: Subexplorer : December 3rd, 2014-05:15
... what a wonderful description and appreciation of every little great detail of your watch you have written! I enjoyed so much reading your description, and completely agree with your detailed writing. I own some Omegas of same period (including Connies... 

Thank you for your kind words, Abel...

 By: Tony C. : December 3rd, 2014-10:15
and you make a good point about the durability and reliability of the Omega movements. It is very impressive that they were able combine such accuracy and robustness. Regards, Tony C.

My admiration is exceeded . . .

 By: Dr No : December 3rd, 2014-11:07
. . . only by my jealousy. :-) A jumbo has long been on my wish list, Tony - just haven't found the right one at the right time yet. As for country (or region) of origin, I can't tell . . . the spelling of 'chronometre' isn't a certain give-away for these... 

Thank you, Art...

 By: Tony C. : December 3rd, 2014-11:25
and who knows, maybe this one will end with you at some point! As to the country of origin, I will give some other members a chance to figure it out, but a further hint is that the writing on the dial does not provide the clue. Best regards, Tony

Portuguese import mark on the upper left lug

 By: long71 : December 4th, 2014-08:44
Congratulations on a very lovely find. Regards Conor

Well done, Conor!

 By: Tony C. : December 4th, 2014-09:03
And thank you. Regards, Tony C.

The indentation? . . .

 By: Dr No : December 4th, 2014-12:24
. . . gosh, I thought that was from an encounter with a gravel truck! A new one on me . . . thanks much, Conor. Best, Art

Some further insight...

 By: Tony C. : December 4th, 2014-13:24
the steel cased watches were always marker on that upper left lug, while gold cased watches were, thoughtfully, stamped on the back of the case! Oh, and there were many fine Omegas imported to Portugal during the Golden Era.

Something similar...

 By: MikiJ : December 20th, 2014-10:06
Although mine is not Chronometer rated it is powered by a 501 movement. I fell in love with it's two-tone silver dial and white gold "furniture". However I have always thought these type of markers were referred to as "Coffin-box" markers. Does anyone hav...