Yes for sure! There are more and more interesting watches places in Rome... [nt]

Aug 16, 2019,02:57 AM

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Fx in Rome: visit of the new Panerai boutique

 By: foversta : August 15th, 2019-13:03
Rome is a city on the move from the watchmaking point of view. In a few months, the capital of Italy has been the setting of the openings of a Rolex boutique, a Patek Philippe boutique (both operated by Hausmann, the famous Roman dealer), a Hublot boutiqu...  

I love Fx in Rome! Thanks for this report.

 By: MichaelC : August 15th, 2019-13:24
Admittedly, I was a big Panerai fan as I started into high end timepieces. Not as much anymore, but I still have a lot of fascination for them. In some regards the 372 was a brand killer for me, I don't really desire any others. But some of the Radiomirs ... 

Thanks Michael! [nt]

 By: foversta : August 16th, 2019-02:59

In one aspect, the Panerai.....

 By: sergio : August 15th, 2019-14:59
tradition hasn't changed a bit: the size of their..first shop. From the cubicle like shop+laboratory, Giovanni Panerai opened on the Ponte delle Grazie in 1860, to the cubicle like one in Piazza San Giovanni (which was widened only recently). From the tel... 

Having been an executive myself.....

 By: sergio : August 16th, 2019-12:40
I've always loved the...crawl, walk, run...approach

Superbly put! [nt]

 By: amanico : August 16th, 2019-03:04

Great report and recommendations.

 By: descartes1 : August 15th, 2019-15:06
Time is a dream city for watch collectors. So many small, interesting vintage dealers, as well a historic ADs. All with such style. The area of the city where the Panerai boutique is located is absolutely top for shopping, people watching etc.

Thanks for your words! [nt]

 By: foversta : August 16th, 2019-02:57