So very amusing......

Dec 02, 2019,11:05 AM

So one can buy an app that places a classic watch on your smart watch. I am very amused by this down to the detail of the blue second hand, L SWISS MADE L oh and of course automatic splashed across the bottom of a battery powered watch. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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I think this could be fun.

 By: Overwound : December 2nd, 2019-11:24
One change I'd make is to remove the brand name. Interpretations of famous watch dials is a great idea but if a brand name is included that's too much, in my opinion.

Nooooooooo ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 2nd, 2019-12:05

And the point is?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : December 2nd, 2019-13:50
Either wear an Apple connected device or a Panerai timepiece.

+1! [nt]

 By: amanico : December 2nd, 2019-13:58

Oh dear........

 By: nomadgiles : December 2nd, 2019-14:01
i can’t imagine that OEMs sanction this

Astonishingly, this app seems to have been created by Panerai Marketing

 By: Ano Nuevo : December 2nd, 2019-17:25
Here’s the information from the app’s home page in the App Store: Now, perhaps this is an impersonation, yet the same developers are linked to other official Panerai apps. So it certainly looks legitimate. A surprised Ano Nuevo ...  

it is the beginning.

 By: Gelato Monster : December 2nd, 2019-15:55
whats next? its gonna be the super famous? Richard Mille? Rolex?

Very cool

 By: the_watch_lounge : December 3rd, 2019-02:11
What’s the name of the app ? Iqbal

“Luminor Marina” [nt]

 By: Ano Nuevo : December 4th, 2019-09:46

The more I look at it.....

 By: sergio : December 5th, 2019-05:16
the more I cringe. Some aspects of the "modern" society, don't meet with my approval. This being one of them, of course

I am with you on this one [nt]

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : December 6th, 2019-12:16

If we are talking about the same app

 By: Geo : December 12th, 2019-22:53
then the App is able to do much more than creating watch faces with brand names. I have seen many fantasy dials that are way better than the few dials Apple is supplying. And these faces give a lot of fun and make the Apple watch a great tool, next to you...