Next Bronze will have a brown dial

Sep 24, 2017,08:36 AM

After the big success of the 671 it is obvious that PANERAI will release another model within the next four years.

Colours are somehow limited as not everything matches well with the bronze colour.

I bet on brown. 
Attached some pictures who may give an idea how beautiful the watch will be.

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Wonderful artistic shots.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : September 24th, 2017-09:31
Thanks for sharing.

Those “splash shots” are truly beautiful

 By: Alkiro1 : September 24th, 2017-09:50
Best wishes Alkiro

Anything goes really....

 By: sergio : September 24th, 2017-09:54
if they were to choose brown, I fear that it would be brown like in the 687 not tobacco like in the 319 and many other models.

Panerai will never stop producing "more of the same"

 By: Makilla : September 24th, 2017-10:06
we've learned the lesson with the 3 bronzos, Calis and SLC. The 319 was my favorite. Too bad I let it go 2 years ago. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Laurent

awesome shots as usual Volcano! I enjoy your pictures so much!! I guess a brown dial could be a ...

 By: Subexplorer : October 13th, 2017-07:59
... wonderful idea for a next generation Bronzo. For the moment, I feel that the green dial was the winner over the present blue offering. But it is just a personal matter that of a color. As they say in Spain: "Para gustos... los colores"!! Cheers! Abel

Always enjoy your posts!

 By: fai9al_429 : October 13th, 2017-13:20
Nice pics as usual.

Fantastic photos... [nt]

 By: nacelle : January 10th, 2020-16:04