New old shoes for my One6enO

Nov 21, 2009,08:28 AM

Hi... a good Pam enthusiast gave me one of his straps... and I just got this new buckle from XXXX... looks really cool....

The leather strap gave the 161 a more subtle look then the bracelet...

Bruce-YVR aka The Flipper

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A buckle as thick as that one, is it comfortable to wear?

 By: AnthonyTsai : November 21st, 2009-08:47
Because I would think it would feel like a bottle cap opener on the wrist since it doesn't curve that much to comform to your wrist curvature. It wins hands down in the looks category but I'm not so sure how well it does in the comfort category. Cheers, A... 

Very nice combo Bruce. You have a new Panerai today.

 By: patrickh : November 21st, 2009-08:50
Could you please give me, via PM, address to get this "Pig" buckle? Does it exist in titanium too? thanks for sharing cheers, patrickh

Nice one Bruce!

 By: BluNotte : November 21st, 2009-13:42
Love the shaped buckle! Cheers Stephen

Looks great!

 By: Peter  : November 22nd, 2009-18:15
Thks for sharing

the nicest GMT Panerai has

 By: Tony A.H : November 23rd, 2009-16:52
plus the 320.. love the 161 on both strap & Bracelet. looks great. Cheers Tony

Nice, but not sure the bucle qualifies as SUBTLE ;-)

 By: speedster : November 26th, 2009-11:13
Splendid GMT though, do they do the same in Radiomir to?