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Dec 05, 2018,08:36 AM

Since moving from Panerai years ago I had mainly 40-42mm watches. When they announced the PAM682 I knew at some point I would get it. So as you know recently I got my hands on it and LOVED IT! So I thought. What I noticed are a few things.

1. When alternating from a 44mm down to a 42mm sub the difference was very noticeable. I thought 42mm was perfect but really enjoy the true 44mm sized Pam’s more.

2. The lume on the 682 is horrible in my opinion. It’s very faint and loses charge really quickly. This bothered me as in my opinion a dive watch should have two flawless features... lume and bezel action.

3. This brings me to my next point and one I could not get over. The Bezel action on the 682 is plain old not acceptable in my book. It had lots of play up and down and side to side. The action was possibly the worst out of any watch. It had these strange ratchet clicks that would always go over the marker then bounce back BUT not every time. It seriously felt like it was going to break off.

So I did what I normally do which is have the experience, gather some real life use cases and make a decision. In my case I have a great relationship with my AD and we worked out a deal on a 1024

The size is right, the bezel is FLAWLESS (maybe the best I have used other than a Rolex sub) and the lume is amazing. The distorted crystal is one of my favorites features as well.

The movement is not in house but they did change it to give it more power reserve and removed the valjoux 7750 wobble. It’s also COSC certified which the 9010 is not. Overall a workhorse.

Added bonus is it’s the same size as my other Panerai and I can easily use the same straps and buckles


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I though you had given this one.....

 By: sergio : December 5th, 2018-10:08
...a good once over. I can't wait for the flaws of the 1024 and find out the next model you'll "make a deal with your AD" on LOL

I call it how I see it

 By: ripper444 : December 5th, 2018-10:52
I’m not sponsored by Panerai so if they sell models with cheap quality I’ll let it be know! I also have no issue testing it out instead of reading reviews from places that might or might not get kick backs... because well...... I have a relationship with ... 

I have stopped buying watches a while ago....

 By: sergio : December 5th, 2018-11:56
and before that, the last time I bought a regular production model, I was still wearing sort pants I've had some 35-40 Panerais (I still own some 25 of them) and the only "tragic one" I had was a first-production-year 233. At the time I was traveling like... 

40 Panerai's!!!!!!

 By: ripper444 : December 5th, 2018-12:07
That is a crazy amount! So how does that rotation look like? I can only have 3 watches at a time or else I go nuts trying to figure which one to wear!!! Panerai has definitely cheapened their quality in recent years. From the snap in case backs to single ... 

Crazy amount? Ever heard the word...collecting?

 By: sergio : December 5th, 2018-14:02
there are watches that I NEVER wear (like the PAM341 Egiziano or the 115 or 117) etc. I just like...owning them

As the saying goes

 By: ripper444 : December 5th, 2018-14:50
To each their own

The 682 really disappointed me, too.

 By: blau : December 5th, 2018-10:26
I was pretty excited for it--and love the style. But, like you, I found the bezel EXTREMELY disappointing. The AD also carried Blancpain, and, I've got to say, holding the 682 next to a Bathyscaphe, the Bathy just seemed like it was on a whole different l... 

Yea makes sense

 By: ripper444 : December 5th, 2018-10:55
Blancpain is in another level for some of their models! Panerai will announce new subs at SIHH soon so we shall see