I have never seen this combo online or offline before

Jul 31, 2022,15:49 PM

But I think it works.

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Thnx )

 By: jack johnson : August 1st, 2022-05:32

This one wear black straps very well! Cheers

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 31st, 2022-19:18

Thank you! The rubber is of course not period correct, etc. but kind of works.

 By: jack johnson : August 1st, 2022-05:37
I was also thinking that if they had the rubber strap choice back then they would definitely go with it over leather.

Rubber works

 By: Adam Marelli : July 31st, 2022-21:14
I did this with my 992. They pulled out the steel insert and it is a perfect fit. ...  

Great combo! Love your Rado too!

 By: jack johnson : August 1st, 2022-05:38

Oh wow, this shot!

 By: amanico : August 1st, 2022-06:00

All the leather OEM....

 By: sergio : August 1st, 2022-12:47
straps from Panerai are water resistent. It takes a lot of water to "ruin" one.

ALL of the straps are....

 By: sergio : August 1st, 2022-21:39
water resistent and it takes a lot of doing to...ruin...one. Even the JV, which looks pretty delicate, will withstand swim after swim and go back to its fuzzy self as soon as dry As far as the breaking point for the heart, a rubber strap on a Radiomir wou... 

We have vastly....

 By: sergio : August 1st, 2022-12:50
different tastes, you and I.