Flying high...

Nov 29, 2018,00:08 AM

721 at work.

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You are correct...

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-00:29
but still a bit new for me to take it to the sea, one day for sure. Yes amanico have been flying for the last 30 years. This one maybe a bit more appropriate although not exactly going to the moon! ...  

That’s a cool picture...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 29th, 2018-00:42
Your not going to the moon but you’re prepared for it !

Thanks Cpt Scarlet

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-01:20
Take care!

That’s a beautiful 1675!

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-04:24
And indeed how it all started for me! Cheers! 16760/16750. ...  

Cool watch

 By: sschew : November 29th, 2018-04:33
BTW which aircraft are you flying?


 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-06:21
The Boeing 737-800.

A backbone aircraft

 By: sschew : December 4th, 2018-09:18

cool pic...

 By: maverickmahesh : November 29th, 2018-02:27
when you're above the world - you need just simple things around you isn't it Best, mahesh.,

Thanks you.

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-06:22
The simpler the better!

Beautiful dial! [nt]

 By: Greenwatch : November 29th, 2018-02:57

A thing of beauty..

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-06:24
can’t put mine off!

Thank you! [nt]

 By: Gmtmaster : November 29th, 2018-06:25

Nice picture highlighting those lovely blue hands ...

 By: JohnFM : November 29th, 2018-11:51
-- one of my favorite features of the 721. Gold is nice, but the blue is striking, casual, versatile, and ... fun!

Thank you John. [nt]

 By: Gmtmaster : December 3rd, 2018-06:21

Pure. Strong. Timeless.

 By: MTR : December 1st, 2018-14:37
But I am biased... Many congrats and enjoy it! Best, Thomas


 By: Gmtmaster : December 3rd, 2018-06:20
Haha Thomas, you have yours still on the oem strap?

Hehehe, yes, yes!

 By: MTR : December 3rd, 2018-13:09
I wear the original strap with ... pride. 😆 ...  

Amateur 😂. You might get into the Guiness boom of record with that :)

 By: Ahoi : December 4th, 2018-09:40
I am wearing Mine with a new strap which I fell in love 😍 ...  

Another picture whith new amo ...

 By: leopold : December 14th, 2018-05:52