Homage to Rieussec I

Nov 12, 2020,05:53 AM

I have got this watch now for several years and it has become more of a winter companion to me due to its color layout, leather strap and weight. So now it is back on my wrist and I had to take some shots to share. The watch has got an automatic in-house movement and was limited to 565 pieces and is to my mind (due to its clean dial) the nicest of the Rieussec iterations. Nice feature is the hidden numerals which only can be seen in darkness.

Thx for looking ;-)

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Nicolas Rieussec

 By: Weems@8 : November 12th, 2020-06:48
Nice winter watch. Would you be the only one at WPS who have that nice Montblanc? I consider a Rieussec, but it can take some years to decide. Reason, so many great watches, it is not easy for me to chose. But never say never. I like the grey, anthracite.... 

As far as I know I am the only one who has posted it yet...

 By: penfriend : November 12th, 2020-09:52
The watch is really nice on the wrist and gets a lot of attraction due to its unusual layout


 By: amg786w : November 26th, 2020-10:54
I have long admired your exact variant from afar for some time. The others are a bit too butch for me, but yours has some real classic styling cues on it. 👏

you are absolutely right

 By: penfriend : November 27th, 2020-04:12
the other Rieussec are also for me a tad too busy but this one is great through its dial simplicity

I have one as well

 By: Grail-Watch : December 14th, 2020-09:36
In fact it is just back from Montblanc service because "she stopped ticking". But I love the Homage! I got a special strap for it - I'll share photos here!

Thanks for sharing

 By: singingbee : December 14th, 2020-10:00
This has tons of personality!