Congrats, amazing watch and beautiful movement

Jan 13, 2023,08:01 AM

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My goal for 2022 was to consolidate and get a JLC Duometre Chronograph

 By: loujo : January 12th, 2023-08:14
I have sold 3 watches in 2022 with one more to go. I almost pulled the trigger a few weeks ago on a Duometre in rose gold. Then I came across this and I just couldn’t resist. It’s really an unplanned purchase but I feel given its rarity I won’t have anoth...  

Thank you!

 By: loujo : January 12th, 2023-16:01

Wonderful watch

 By: dedestexhes : January 12th, 2023-08:41
Didn’t know this iteration, I see it was/is a limited edition. Can you share a bit more info? Thx, Dirk

Thanks! it's the first generation of 1858 Rattrapante, in bronze, 44mm.

 By: loujo : January 12th, 2023-16:03
Here is a good review of this watch online when it was released in 2019


 By: dedestexhes : January 12th, 2023-16:56


 By: RayStantzPhD : January 12th, 2023-09:47
And I totally get it, would be a brutal(ly nice) choice for me too... Duomètre or MB Ratrappante.. pffff just wow Cheers, Alex P. S. Nico will probably say, one must own both yeah right!


 By: loujo : January 12th, 2023-21:38

Never saw this before. Very impressive.

 By: ArmisT : January 12th, 2023-13:24
What material is the case?

This is the first gen of 1858 Rattrapante in bronze.

 By: loujo : January 12th, 2023-16:10
I never owned a watch with bronze case before so this is the first one.

Wow! Super congrats!

 By: patrick_y : January 12th, 2023-19:37
Where is this? Park City? The scenery is beautiful! And what a beautiful watch! The Duometre is hard to beat, but this Villeret is just amazing! I mean wow! Just wow! This is a real watch lover's watch! Excellent choice! You definitely made a great decisi... 


 By: patrick_y : January 13th, 2023-00:24
Now I see why all the movie stars are moving to Montana. When you see that... I want to go to Montana too now!

Love this bronze ratrrapante

 By: TeutonicCarFan : January 12th, 2023-20:03
Very cool piece I have been picking up some older villeret releases as new they are basically gone. NyC boutique been helpful here. Enjoy!

You did everything right!

 By: MTR : January 14th, 2023-00:59
What a watch! And this delicious movement… Many congrats, Thomas