With my trusty GT this week

Sep 10, 2019,10:12 AM

Been a while since this got wrist time, but I'm intent on going a full week, at least, with this Reverso GT on my wrist. Also managed to order a new strap which hopefully will arrive within the next week or so. Will get more pictures when that's done, but just one quick phone shot for now

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Thank you, my friend.

 By: rnaden : September 10th, 2019-16:49
Took me 11 years to get here! LOL! It is a pleasure to meet and know the people here and my horological journey has been greatly enriched over the years, mainly through this forum.

Such a beautiful Classic Reverso. [nt]

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 10th, 2019-10:47

That's actually my wife's glasses :-)

 By: rnaden : September 10th, 2019-16:50
Kate Spade.