Jaeger Lecoultre Polaris Chronograph World Time, Titanium, Blue or Black.

Jan 12, 2023,17:27 PM

Released in 2018, still in the catalogue, this is not the Polaris we discuss the most. Strangely, because it has some good points: A Titanium case, the combination of two friendly complications, a water resistance of 100 meters, and two great dials, blue or black. 

It is a bit big, with a diameter of 44 mm, but it wears smaller, in real life. 

I would happily live with a solid case back, though. 

What do you think?



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Thanks for looking, Bill.

 By: amanico : January 12th, 2023-18:24

Always loved the blue version!

 By: KCLQMULKU : January 12th, 2023-18:37
I just wish they made it in a smaller size. Now that would be something!

or 40. ;)

 By: KCLQMULKU : January 12th, 2023-18:50

😆 Agreed!

 By: KCLQMULKU : January 12th, 2023-19:13


 By: amanico : January 12th, 2023-19:14

Probably the blue. Both are nice.

 By: aWtchslvr : January 12th, 2023-18:44
44x12.5 seems a good proportion. I think that for many, the lack of a seconds hand can be a deal breaker.


 By: RabidManatee : January 13th, 2023-00:33

3-2 for the Blue, so far!

 By: amanico : January 13th, 2023-06:55

World time with chronograph, very rare combination.

 By: RayLoveWatch : January 13th, 2023-07:29
It would be better if 42mm or 40mm.

And there is the large (46mm) Breitling WT+chrono

 By: wover : January 14th, 2023-05:37
which also has a date. A real odd one out is UN's Moonstruck, a WT with sun and moon. What I've never seen is aan annual calendar, let alone a perpetual calendar, with worldtime. That would be something... only UN can pull off. They have the fully adjusta... 

There you go!

 By: wover : January 14th, 2023-07:24
"Life is for Learning" - Marvin Gaye I like the looks of the GP - got to read up on that one!

Black but….

 By: Alfihar : January 13th, 2023-08:27
There is something cold about titanium... I could have liked the dial.... But too much information for my complicated brain... And I'm not a big fan of the double texture smooth in the center and grainy... If I had to choose, it would be the black one... ... 

Neither. :)))

 By: amanico : January 14th, 2023-14:04

Chochotte 😬

 By: Alfihar : January 25th, 2023-06:26


 By: amanico : January 25th, 2023-07:36