Sometimes you just need the right watch to unwind

Jan 10, 2023,18:15 PM

after a hard, busy day.

And if you can also listen to its wonderful sound with your eyes closed, then (my) WIS-happiness is perfect.... 🙏☺️

Thanks for looking and all the best

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Thanks a lot, JK!

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-21:49
For me it is the most beautiful one… Cheers Thomas ...  

I love it, too, Chet.

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:02
Mine is the second generation. Easily recognizable by the fact that the small second is at 9:00 (like the first generation). This 2nd generation still has the old, but revised movement 95290. Best Thomas ...  

A handsome timepiece for sure.

 By: KURT_DAVID : January 10th, 2023-19:36
Superb. More of this one please. Cheers 🍻 Kurt.

Thank you so much, Kurt!

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-21:54
It has been my abolute grail watch for decades and I also have been hunting it for a long time. Here are some further shots from today. Made especially for you. ☺️ Cheers 🍻 Thomas ...  


 By: KURT_DAVID : January 12th, 2023-05:40
What a cracker😀 Nice one Thomas, thank you. Kurt. 👍🏻

What a watch! 🙌

 By: KCLQMULKU : January 10th, 2023-20:16

Thank you so much.

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:07
I love everything and every perspective of this gem. 🙏 Best Thomas ...  

A wonder

 By: amanico : January 11th, 2023-22:35

Yes, a wonder…

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-08:25
Merci, mon ami ☺️ ...  


 By: amanico : January 12th, 2023-11:55

Thomas, that sapphire crystal dome is a work of art...

 By: Cardio : January 12th, 2023-16:04
...and your pictures communicate the serenity--coolness--of the watch. An apt noble metal for this reference!

Thank you, dear Cardio!

 By: MTR : January 13th, 2023-19:05
I love the fact that the case is made of Platinum which gives it a very nice presence on the wrist. But Platinum is not the best sound transmitter, so a RG or YG or WG case makes more sense for a minute repeater. But for me the feeling of the heavier meta... 

It is the whole package

 By: Cardio : January 15th, 2023-08:09
…and how it comes together! I really like the whole ‘cool’ look and the white metals really cohere really well. Here’s my RG first-gen and the sound while relatively softer is quite distinct and well-tuned. ...  


 By: MTR : January 15th, 2023-12:12
A feast for the eyes. This WG has a very warm touch. Like the WG of Patek for example. Is my impression correct, or is that just the photo?

No, no, you see it well. ;)

 By: amanico : January 15th, 2023-16:54

Wow! WOW! WOW!!!

 By: MTR : January 15th, 2023-12:10
This photo is fantastic. Your first generation in RG looks very romantic. And in addition this wonderful sunlight that is reflected in the sunlight…. All the best Thomas

The soft light of hamburg doing its best work.

 By: Cardio : January 15th, 2023-14:07
Yes, the RG contrasting with the white metal pocket-watch movement and all the sparkles of the jewels and the their polished bevels and grooves is a sight to behold. Well, we don't see the hammers but the consistency of this reference derived from means ... 

Günther Blümlein,

 By: MTR : January 15th, 2023-16:11
CEO of IWC and one of the great geniuses in the modern watch industry, wanted to add another dimension to IWC and to show that this brand could be one of the top manufacturers in the world of high-end watches. 1989 Blancpain created the 1735 which was at ... 

I meant:

 By: MTR : January 15th, 2023-16:17
And in addition this wonderful sunlight (of Hamburg) is reflected in the dial. ☺️


 By: KCLQMULKU : January 12th, 2023-18:14

Thank you, dear ZSHSZ,

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:14
it’s a breathtaking beauty, indeed. Best Thomas ...  

Quite an impressing watch!

 By: Mary Anny : January 10th, 2023-20:28
Enjoy it!

A dream❣️👌🏻🤩

 By: MCG (Markus) : January 10th, 2023-21:29

A dream for 20 years that came

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-08:30
through 3 years ago. Sometimes you need patience. And luck! Thank you, Marcus 🙏 P.S.: I just took this photo for you. ...  

Thank you! 😃

 By: MCG (Markus) : January 12th, 2023-15:34

Thank you, dear Fabrizio!

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:19
And it’s always so good to put it on the wrist again. It was my grail watch for two decades. But I couldn’t afford it for a long time. And when I had the funds and found it, I didn’t hesitate to fly to Milano to catch it. It had been a safe queen for at l...  

Thank you, dear Yacomino! 🙏

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-08:33
It is really pure and simple. And for sure under the Rado for a minute people interested in watches, but for sure not under the radar regarding its wrist presence. I'm always surprised by that again. Cheers Thomas ...  

still looks amazing my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 12th, 2023-18:02

The Best IWC.

 By: Costa (aka Connie) : January 10th, 2023-22:46
So classy. Glad to see it early in 2023. Happy New Year Thomas. Wear it in good health.

Classy. Timeless. Hefty. With much presence

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-14:12
Thank you very much, dear Costa. 🙏☺️ Best Thomas ...  

Absolutely superb Portuguese

 By: Mike H : January 10th, 2023-23:21
Totally under the radar, only for the ones in the know 😉👌👌👌 Enjoy it and wear it in the best of your health !

Thank you so much for your very nice comment, Mine!

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-08:35
I appreciate that very much. This watch is a secret. And a miracle for me. All the best Thomas

Nice way to unwind!

 By: patrick_y : January 11th, 2023-06:28

VERY nice to unwind.

 By: MTR : January 12th, 2023-08:34
And also nice to wind. 😁

Thanks for your kind words.

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:13
It’s a marvel… Cheers Thomas ...  

Very stylish,

 By: Speedie74 aka Mr. Torquise : January 11th, 2023-13:36
Thomas! I can easily imagine to hear and enjoy the sound of the watch after a hard working day… Yours, Adam

Thank you so much, dear Adam!

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:09
It’s indeed a very romantic and calming piece. Cheers Thomas ...  

It has style and an

 By: MTR : January 11th, 2023-22:11
enormous wrist presence. I'm always amazed at how this watch affects me… All the best Thomas ...  

My pleasure, Loujo.

 By: MTR : January 13th, 2023-18:57
The original Portugieser Minute Repeater Ref. IW5240 was introduced in 1995. In 2006 IWC introduced the second generation Ref. IW5242-02 which I proudly own. Mine is made of Platinum which gives a nice substantial feeling but is not the best transmitting ... 

If I may add, Thomas...

 By: Cardio : January 23rd, 2023-07:42
that in our conversation on this ref., it was discussed that the second generation model that you have is water-resistant, while the first one is not. I gather that this makes this watch more usable on an everyday basis (and the sapphire crystal really he... 

Aaaahhhh… Thanks a lot, Cardio!!

 By: MTR : January 23rd, 2023-08:58
I’d didn’t know this fact about the higher WR of the 2nd generation. Very helpful information. Thanks again and have a nice day, Thomas

A fantastic piece

 By: pkonos : January 17th, 2023-12:18
And it looks right at home on your wrist. Enjoy !

Thank you so much for your kind words, pkonos.

 By: MTR : January 23rd, 2023-09:04
All the best Thomas ...