Rarely Seen IWC Watches

Sep 21, 2020,05:12 AM

Hi all. I have two IWC watches in my collection. The Ingenieur IW3508 and Andreas Huber Urania IW255502. Both these watches were produced in limited numbers and I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. I've managed to find a lot of history on the Ingenieur but the Andreas Huber, not so much. I found some information on WatchBase. I know it has a JLC 822 movement and was created to commorate Andreas Huber who was a famous retailer in Germany. Does anyone here know why this collaboration between IWC and Huber was done? Is it synonymous with a retailer like Wempe or Tiffany signing the dial of watch? Thanks in advance.

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I think

 By: dedestexhes : September 21st, 2020-06:03
That Huber used movements from IWC in a kind of a bit cheaper watches introduced by them under the name Urania, hence the addition to your watch name. I think it dates from before the 40ies but not 100% sure. Hth, Dirk

Fantastic watch [nt]

 By: Timewarp : September 21st, 2020-07:05

Jubilee collaborations

 By: stromer : September 21st, 2020-07:11
I have been a customer at Andreas Huber until they were taken over by Bucherer and finally ceased existing. Andreas Huber started as a watchmaker building his own watches and finally operated a watch factory in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Grerman Alps. ... 

Huber and IWC

 By: IWC3751 : September 21st, 2020-10:21
Thank you for sharing that beautiful watch. I have the following book about wristwatches. There you can read about a collaboration between Huber and IWC in the 1940´s. Maybe that is a background related to your watch ...  


 By: Garyhsmith : September 21st, 2020-10:42
It’s interesting that Andreas Huber also collaborated with the like of Patek Philippe in his career. Search Watch Pro Site for a post with this title “a rare LE Andreas Huber 25 ex” by patrickh. He must have had some influence in his hay day.

Unusual and beautiful. [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : September 21st, 2020-12:43

Panerai Schaffhausen

 By: Weems@8 : September 21st, 2020-13:24
An important IWC. Without a crown guard Panerai use, a Luminor could look different. A Radiomir is perhaps a look a like. Comparing both brands, i always more at IWC’s side. Seeing the hands, that makes it easier. Great design.

Wow, I am not familiar with that one at all!

 By: blau : September 21st, 2020-14:06
Nice to be surprised with something new.

Mmm ... looks familiar?

 By: kjkt3 : September 23rd, 2020-00:50

I think cushion case watches

 By: Garyhsmith : September 23rd, 2020-02:06
we’re very popular at some point. Vacheron Constantin’s also made watches this shape. ...  

Double-signed watches were quite common up to WW2

 By: Age_of_Surfaces : October 14th, 2020-10:15
This is because watchmaking companies did not have their own network of authorised dealers or licensed agents. In local markets around the world, customers were more familiar with their hometown retailers and - in the early days of men's wrist watches in ...