More Duality Photos

Mar 19, 2012,12:22 PM

As promised in my Simplicity post, here are more photos of the lovely Duality in WG.  If time permits I may try to get a few more of the movement, but here's what I have as of now:


Hope you enjoyed!  As always, all comments and suggestions welcomed.  And many thanks to my friend for permitting me to photograph this very special watch!


Gary G

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Beautiful photos........

 By: Topcat30093 : March 19th, 2012-12:44
Any Dufour watch is stunning. I would love to be able to exam one for myself, but your photos are an ideal next best thing. Regards Tony

Totally agree!

 By: sidneyc : March 19th, 2012-17:33
Tony, well said! Gary's photos are the next best thing to seeing the real watch - I could not have said it better!

Signal to noise ratio

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:14
You have no idea how many photos I take to get a few decent ones! My "reject" rate is very high indeed -- I'm glad to hear that some of the ones that survive do communicate the essence of these beautiful pieces. All the best, Gary

Don't you worry Gary

 By: sidneyc : March 20th, 2012-17:37
Producing that ONE spectacular photo is all that matters! Even professionals discard a large proportion of their work and I've seen it first hand at a few weddings. But the precious few is what makes the difference between a good and not so good photograp... 

Thanks, Tony

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:13
For me, being able to handle and photograph a Duality was mind-blowing! Only 9 were made, and the dual escapement design was truly ground-breaking as an advance in time-keeping. Gorgeous, too! Best, Gary

A few years back I was also lucky to handle one...

 By: Greg D : March 20th, 2012-15:24
And it's a poor photograph of an amaxing moment. Two watches - four balances! The first time I'd seen either of them....  

Great stuff!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-19:51
Both beautiful watches -- would be great to see a RG version someday, as PD's RG has (for me) a particularly beautiful color. Thanks for posting these photos! Best, Gary

An amazing piece of artwork. THanks for posting these! [nt]

 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : March 19th, 2012-13:15
No message body

Thanks for the great Photos !

 By: flamenco : March 19th, 2012-21:17
Gary, what about a wrist shot ? Huge Congrats !

Thanks, but...

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:36 be clear, the watch is not mine! I do have permission to wear the watch a bit, so will see about that wrist shot... Best, Gary G


 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : March 20th, 2012-03:23
I have one. Stop making posts like this there are people with weak heart around Duality movement is just summit of high horology Best Damjan

A special piece indeed

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:38
Having the opportunity to photograph this piece at my leisure has been fantastic! Best, Gary


 By: nwk00 : March 20th, 2012-04:03
Gary many thanks for the post. Rarely do we get to see pictures of the Duality. In the last picture, and I am not sure if it's tech issues, the geneva waves seem to bleed into the wording. Am I correct? regards Weekeat


 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:40
Thanks, Weekeat! On the logo, the ridges you see are not the striping (which is very subtle) but grooves cut into the sides of the letters themselves (that is on the vertical surfaces). Invisible to the naked eye, but with zillion-times macro photography ... 

Beautiful pics, gorgeous movement.

 By: VMM : March 20th, 2012-05:55
Thanks for sharing. Vte

My pleasure, Vte

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:45
Fun to do! Best, Gary

Absolutely stunning

 By: Ed. W : March 20th, 2012-08:53
though I still prefer the simplicity

Absolutely a matter of taste

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:46
The Duality has the great advantages of rarity (9 made) and innovation (dual balance escapement) -- but some folks do prefer the Simplicity. For that matter, some prefer the Observatoire to both! Best, Gary

Thanks, Tim

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:48
Given the consistenly high quality of your watch photos, that's quite a compliment! The Duality was, shall we say, a challenge to photograph -- between the domed crystal, lack of AR, and subtle brushing of the silver dial (that either doesn't catch the li... 

Please say more!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-23:45
I'd be interested to hear your views. There is the inner "railroad track" that indicates the minutes -- are you looking for something different from or in addition to that? Thanks, Gary

Gary, something is not right on the Duality dial

 By: ling5hk : March 21st, 2012-15:30
The rail-track should not be positioned in the inner ring. It should be placed at the outer ring as in the Simplicity. Practically, that should be the right place as the longer minute hand points in that position. Asthetically, the inner ring where the ra... 

Thanks for your additional thoughts

 By: Gary G : March 21st, 2012-21:56
In fairness, on the 34mm Simplicity the railroad track is on the inner ring (this is the easy way to tell a 34 from a 37). To your point, however, the center of that dial is guilloche (and that beautiful wavy guilloche, at that) which creates a lot of vis... 

I disagree

 By: ei8htohms : March 22nd, 2012-11:28
The Duality dial to me is a case of breaking all the accepted rules and getting it exactly right. I wouldn't change a thing. _john

John, please enlighten me as to what tantamount to accepted rules?

 By: ling5hk : March 22nd, 2012-21:54
I would be glad to hear more details on Duality dial from you. Thank you in advance. Regards Ling

not quite following you

 By: ei8htohms : March 23rd, 2012-05:32
Hi Ling, I don't fully understand the question, but let me try to explain what I mean. The convention for watch dials would be that the markers or numerals be positioned at a distance from the center that is proportional to the length of the hands which i... 

Eevn if you know nothing about fine watches

 By: Mostel : March 22nd, 2012-12:49
Dufour's watches stop you and make you very quiet... I've said this before... one becomes very quiet and just examines... even if you don't know what you are looking at, the symmetry and balance of his design makes time disappear. You are floating outside...