It took a little while longer than expected...

Aug 11, 2019,11:47 AM

... which was entirely due to myself changing my mind along the way. I had ordered the bronze Hentschel H2 Sport Atlantis initially, but then I asked Andreas Hentschel to change the order to an even more special timepiece 😉

It’s time for some color:

Now here’s a look at calibre 1130PS which is just as much a pleasure for the eyes...

... and finally this wonderful minute hand:

Hope you enjoyed these first impressions, I‘m afraid you will see many more moving forward 😇


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Thank you very much 🙏 [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-12:29

Congrats Henrik!

 By: Mach : August 11th, 2019-12:05
That’s stunning! I think your change was a wise choice.

Thanks so much, my friend! [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-12:31

I am looking to get my

 By: watch-er : August 11th, 2019-12:20
first Henschel some day.

It looks terrific.

 By: DruidPadj : August 11th, 2019-12:21
And your last two photos are incredible. Congratulations.

Beautiful by any means❣️😍

 By: MCG (Markus) : August 11th, 2019-12:43
What color is it? Is seams to be a deep but pale blue-violet? Material: Well certainly a wise decision to not go for bronce - at least I would never buy a bronce watch... although it might look nice at certain times... The hands are pieces of art by thems... 

Thanks a lot, Markus! The dial has a nice blue...

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-12:47
... with the hue of the outer antireflective coating on the crystal giving it a notch of purple at times. As to Bronze: the one used by Andreas Hentschel since more than 10 years has a special alloy that prevents it from patina 😉 Cheers Henrik

Ah, how interesting! Who is AS?

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : August 11th, 2019-13:45
The movement layout is exactly the same as the one used by Atelier de Chronometrie, who says they are using old Omega movements!

True, here's a comparison look at your fantastic beautiful movement, and my newest (oldest) watch

 By: cazalea : August 11th, 2019-15:07
The Hentschel The Laine. Ignore the plates and bridges and focus on the pivots and gear wheels Notice the arc created by the four jeweled pivots? See the position of the balance, relative to the large and small winding wheels (click is in a different loca...  

Thank you! [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-13:59

Huge Congrats. .great looking watch 👌🏻

 By: Watchonthewrist : August 11th, 2019-13:46
Looking forward to many more pics

Thanks a lot, mate 🙏🏻 [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-13:58

A beautiful looking movement indeed. 😍Congratulations [nt]

 By: centurionone : August 11th, 2019-14:13
The hour and minute hands are exquisite too!

Thanks a lot! [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-14:15

That watch looks georgous...

 By: Pour le Mérite : August 11th, 2019-15:16
...but I can't say the same about your pictures. I'd appreciate it if you stop using filters! It'd may look cool if someone of experience would use them but no, this just looks atrocious and is in all serious not a joy to look at.

You are too kind 😂 [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-21:52

Just being honest. [nt]

 By: Pour le Mérite : August 12th, 2019-01:31

😂 [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 12th, 2019-01:51

Speaking of being honest… what’s going on with those chaton screws?

 By: Boron : August 12th, 2019-09:17
I know Moritz Grossmann don’t make theirs flush like Lange & Sohne, but the heads aren’t hovering in mid-air like those are. If that’s how every piece will look then, I’m sorry to say it but, it’s rank amateurism. If they’re going to offer screwed gold ch... 

Looks amazing Henrik.

 By: Jay (Eire) : August 11th, 2019-17:55
Congratulations. I’d love to see some really bad photos as your pictures are really too polished (that’s a compliment, just to avoid any confusion). Based on these picture the watch looks incredible.

Thanks, Jay. Here’s two photos directly out of the iPhone without any „polish“ so you can judge yourself 😉

 By: shortys home : August 11th, 2019-21:26
Not sure if they’re bad enough for you 😇😎 ...  

Thank you, still looks great. The profile of the case seems really appealing, and at least on your wrist looks close on perfect.

 By: Jay (Eire) : August 12th, 2019-04:19
39.9mm and 8mm thick if I read correctly. Do you think the lugs make the watch wear a little larger or is it true to size (essentially 40mm). I think I may have said this before but the Sport model, and that bezel, seem to me to be something with just eno... 

From you I take it as an offense , the dust that is :))))

 By: ZSHSZ : August 11th, 2019-22:07
Oh , this side shot is really impressive! Thank you .

Absolutely superb my friend 👍👏👏👏

 By: Mike H : August 12th, 2019-02:59
Amazing piece that I am really looking forward to seeing in the metal... Huge congrats ! 🍾 🥂

Congratulations! Superb watch.

 By: VMM : August 12th, 2019-07:01
I really like it, cool and exclusive. Enjoy it! Vte

Thank you very much [nt]

 By: shortys home : August 12th, 2019-07:28

Beautiful. Just placed my order.

 By: watch-er : September 8th, 2019-06:38
I accidently stumbled on this company from a short You Tube video just silently depicting one of their beautiful pieces.