Good to see life in an old thread...

Feb 22, 2020,15:55 PM

Thanks for reviving it! Got any additional contributions?


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Calling the 'old-timers' (no pun intended)...

 By: pplater : October 13th, 2011-03:35
As the 'current crop' of Independent horology enthusiasts we are familiar with the 'current crop' of popular Independent watchmakers. Everyone here knows the work of one or more watchmakers who are, for example, the current members of AHCI or otherwise kn...  

Very interesting topic...

 By: Emil Wojcik : October 13th, 2011-07:03
...I wish I could contribute but I just don't have the knowledge. Hopefully others will. Emil

Dang! These are lovely PP! Great thread!

 By: ArthurSG : October 13th, 2011-07:21
I'm googling some of them in another window. And a great theme.. vintage indies... which gives rise to another oft asked question on indie collecting... these chaps who have come and gone, for the owners who have them, how are you addressing the serving i... 

Love the post.....

 By: Darren : October 13th, 2011-09:35
wish I knew more about some of these early independents. I didn't realize that there were any former AHCI members - interesting to know. There are even some current AHCI members who don't get much mention here for one reason or another. I love the Clark t... 


 By: DonCorson : October 13th, 2011-11:00
I am pretty much in the dark too. Will see if my feelers can find anything. Don

Sven Anderson naturally...and my favourite pieces from him

 By: Hororgasm : October 13th, 2011-12:53
pictures taken off the world wide web Best, Horo...  

So the watches with the car and the other with the dog

 By: ArthurSG : October 13th, 2011-18:42
are adjusted to how many other positions?

alright, but the name is Svend [nt]

 By: amerix : October 14th, 2011-11:59
No message body

Apols, I left out the d

 By: Hororgasm : October 14th, 2011-20:33

adding a "d"

 By: amerix : October 15th, 2011-07:27
I have a commemorative edition of a watch that came in a feudal, truly gigantic box made from heavy, presumably African, wood with the lettering "Made in Switzerlan" on the top.The lettering may have been applied, but it was perfectly spaced, with no room... 

Some additions

 By: aaronm : October 13th, 2011-14:00
I don't think he was a member of the AHCI formally, but Derek Pratt springs to my mind in that generation of makers: Also don't forget the Franck Muller, the watchmaker, was an independent back in the day, that phase is CLEARLY over... also a possibly int...  

StevenPhillips is the name you are searching for [nt]

 By: Hororgasm : October 13th, 2011-14:19
No message body

That's the one!

 By: aaronm : October 13th, 2011-15:27
I think he was the first American member of the AHCI. A

That watch is so beautiful in person

 By: Gary G : October 14th, 2011-07:13
I had the privilege to see this watch in person at the atelier of another independent watchmaker, and I can tell you that it was one of the most amazing things I've seen. The watch is bigger than one might think, and that slow beat tourby has to be seen i... 

A list was compiled

 By: MTF : October 13th, 2011-21:56
pplater, AHCI produced a book documenting the history of the association up to their 20th anniversary. There was a list of members and candidates. Some candidates may not have made it to full mmbership if they failed the meisterstück test or they defected... 

Thanks MTF, but...

 By: pplater : October 13th, 2011-22:47
...(with the exception of some candidates having become members) that looks a lot like the current list. The names in the OP are missing, for example, and there seems to be no argument that they were, once, AHCI members. Is it 'non-U' to look back on thes... 

Kiu, Tai Yu

 By: takashi78 : October 13th, 2011-23:02
Anyone has any recent news of Kiu, Tai Yu? Seems he after his "illness" he has went off the radar and no one has heard of him since. Even searching through the net i cant find any review of his watches nor any members here having any of his pieces.

The list just posted by MTF...

 By: pplater : October 13th, 2011-23:17
...has him marked as 'deceased', sadly. Cheers, pplater.

CORRECTION: still alive but inactive

 By: MTF : October 20th, 2011-13:47
pplater, Apologies for error. Latest news from Hong Kong is that Mr Kiu Tai Yu suffered a serious cerebrovascular event (stroke) and is still alive but he is "unable to make watches anymore". Regards, MTF

Thanks, MTF...

 By: pplater : October 20th, 2011-17:07
For taking the trouble to update. Sad news, albeit a better outcome than first thought. Cheers, pplater.


 By: MTF : October 20th, 2011-13:40
Mr Kiu Tai Yu suffered a serious cerebrovascular event (stroke) and is still alive but he is unable to make watches anymore. Apologies for any confusion. Regards, MTF

"Original Post" - sorry... [nt]

 By: pplater : October 13th, 2011-23:53
No message body

AHCI AGM is tomorrow

 By: MTF : October 14th, 2011-05:44
pplater, I thought you knew something was up because the AHCI Annual General Meeting is tomorrow (15 Oct 2011). Maybe new members will be installed? New candidates? MTF

We can but hope... :-)

 By: pplater : October 14th, 2011-05:52

Wonderful watches and post!

 By: Gary G : October 14th, 2011-07:10
Thanks for introducing this topic! I have to say that I love all three of those watches -- would be very proud to have any of them. I'm enjoying the rest of the thread as well... Best, Gary G

Thanks, Gary, and how about it?...

 By: pplater : October 14th, 2011-07:57
...are there any 'old guard' names you can throw into the mix? Cheers, pplater.

OK, some more 'thread-fuel'...

 By: pplater : October 14th, 2011-22:01
This guy was / is one of AHCI's success stories. His watches seem to be diminishing just a little in popularity now, but for a while he had a mortgage on a very distinctive style (think anamorphic numerals and tonneau cases) that was much sought-after. Of...  

"My, how he's grown!"...

 By: pplater : October 14th, 2011-22:07
The same horological rock-star that gave you this - ...also gave you this - ....and, of course, many other era-defining (and collector-maddening) pieces. Does anyone have a movement photo for the second watch? ;-) Cheers, pplater. (photos from old PuristS...  

HTO movement ...

 By: AndrewD : January 22nd, 2012-03:48
And some information from an old post ......  

Richard Daners...

 By: pplater : October 14th, 2011-23:23
This watch, of the 'bras en l'air' variety, is of a style which today is probably associated more with Thomas Prescher than anybody else. Apparently, though, it was created by Richard Daners for Gubelin, and he was by all accounts a formidable watchmaker ...  

Fascinating pieces!

 By: BluNotte : October 16th, 2011-08:44
Thank you! Stephen

This is a fascinating post. Not sure if responding here (9 years later) brings it back to the forefront of the Independents forum...

 By: Brandon Skinner : February 19th, 2020-12:48
but I hope so as I wish others could contribute to this interesting topic. Cheers, Brandon

Indeed. This is a good “find”.

 By: Jay (Eire) : February 22nd, 2020-03:14
I’ve been digging around a little myself on another topic and will try to post some old threads. So much really great information burried in the archives.

Good to see life in an old thread...

 By: pplater : February 22nd, 2020-15:55
Thanks for reviving it! Got any additional contributions? Cheers, pplater.

Great idea!

 By: MTR : February 23rd, 2020-01:22
Thanks for that. And you see also how times are changing. So many names who where here before us “newer ones” on this site and who you don’t see anymore... All the best Thomas