TM, so your brand of PC is approved for WIS ? :-)

Jan 29, 2008,11:48 AM

 TM, so your brand of PC is approved for WIS  smile

Likewise, I will headache if too long on the now use a cable-mouthpiece. Likely due to the RF (microwave).  Can't prove it though.

Typically when you dialing out from your mobile, the power of the RF is the highest to ensure connection.  What make it worse is the distance between you and the station.  The nearer you are to the station, the lesser power of RF will be your phone battery also last longer.  The mobilephone will adjust the power automatically to ensure good connection.

You are right though you are the early adopter, you still have not encountered issues with your watch. The reason is simple.The magnetic components (the earpiece and the mic) are quite a distance from your watch (wrist).  The only time when the distance could be near is when many localised their wallets, keys and watches at a single location and extremely close to each other.  That where the chance of watch being magnetised is the highest!

Indeed it is good you brought up EMI & RFI, they are magnetic waves and not magnetic field.

As one of the forummers (zephyr49)  also mentioned, he works in the Air Traffic Control Centre, and his watches are fine.  No doubt about it, as communication machines generate EMI/RFI waves....but if he works in a MRI room, that will be different story.

An antimagnetic soft iron cage will not be able to defend itself if too near to the magnetic field (source)... even the IWC test also showed possible "hotspots".

Great, the Toshiba has the speakers at the hinge areas.... now the question is where is your harddisk smile




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* Magnetism, Have We Missed Out The Obvious? Laptop-Users Be Aware!

 By: Kong : January 26th, 2008-10:33
Upon reading the thread about Magnetism Effect from Watch-Winder "Navel Gazing - A Question for Watchmakers and Engineers..." by Harry Tan, I suddenly remembered there is a question I've always wanted to share and ask. The little experiments and photos we...  

I am keeping my watches

 By: Bill : January 26th, 2008-10:42
But throwing out my lap top. LOL. Only kidding. Lucky for me I am right handed so I don't have to worry about cell phone magnetism. Thanks Kong for the great report and the bad news. Bill

thanks Kong. i spend a lot of the day using my laptop and

 By: G99 : January 26th, 2008-12:35
wearing 2 watches i am willing to accept time gain or loss although i havent actually noticed any. but does it do any damage to the watches themselves? Graham

most of the time it's easily fixed

 By: Chromatic Fugue : January 26th, 2008-13:36

I knew that there was a practical aspect...

 By: Tony C. : January 26th, 2008-14:21
to my collecting vintage IWC Ingenieurs! Thanks for the interesting post. Tony C....  

Kong, useful information. Thanks

 By: ling5hk : January 26th, 2008-19:18
Apart from laptop, handphone also has very strong magnetic field. I haven't done any experiment. Don't know how actually it will affect the watch when you hold your handphone with the same hand. Regards Ling

Knows the source of the magnetism & avoid close proximity...

 By: Kong : January 27th, 2008-10:19
The distance between the handphone and the phone is far, so has no effect, except when placed your watch side-by-side with your handphone. The strongest magnetic field is at the earpiece (the speaker)! I believe in taking precaution.... a few of o...  

Very interesting post Kong!

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 26th, 2008-20:16

great stuff, thanks! (nt)

 By: ei8htohms : January 26th, 2008-21:32

Thanks, Kong,

 By: masterspiece : January 26th, 2008-22:11

Great post Kong

 By: waien : January 26th, 2008-23:01

Doubt so...a soft iron cage also has 'weak points' like....

 By: Kong : January 27th, 2008-10:29
the date-window, the hole/s of the hands (hr, min, sec) and the crown. It depends on the strength of the magnetic source So prevention is better. Kong

Not so sure about that.

 By: tony p : January 27th, 2008-23:10

Hmmm . . . some of my favorite watches are . . .

 By: Dr No : January 27th, 2008-08:48
. . . the Ingenieur, Milgauss, and Railmaster, both vintage and modern . . . I thought it was primarily for aesthetic reasons, but perhaps there was a magnetic subtext as well . . . curiously, Art

Thanks, Kong, great detective work!

 By: ThomasM : January 27th, 2008-20:43
I'm particularly sensitive to magnetic fields, and get a headache just from using cell phones - a bona fide, wave pressure migraine just from having an active cell phone operating near my head/ears. But it is a good idea to note that EMI and RFI are relat... 

Good information, Kong. From now on, i will only be...

 By: Ronald Held : January 28th, 2008-05:45
wearing quartz watches when doing a lot of work on my laptops.

Not sure about quartz.

 By: yw wong : February 4th, 2008-23:02

interestinf findings

 By: damien : February 29th, 2008-09:35