Outstanding post, will read in depth after...

Sep 05, 2012,10:30 AM

my return from DC.


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Visiting Donzé Cadrans, the famous enamel dial maker

 By: Marcus Hanke : September 5th, 2012-05:51
Donz Cadrans: Visiting the famous enamel dial maker Report by Marcus Hanke Just a year ago, Ulysse Nardin announced that it had acquired the enamel dial manufacturer Donz Cadrans: ulyssenardin.watchprosite.com Not only was this small company, run by Fra...  

Extraordinary post Dr. Hanke extraordinary

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : September 5th, 2012-06:57
Thank you so much for this treat for eyes and soul. As big enamel fan this post really made my day Surely the post to save and come back to. Sincerely Damjan

Wonderful art form ...

 By: nilomis : September 5th, 2012-07:07
I'm exposed, on a much smaller and dissimilar scale, to this art form by my wife that do porcelain painting. It requires, in all cases, extreme eye for detail and an absurd level of patience because one never really knows the exact outcome from the furnac... 

My mother used to do porcelain painting as well ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : September 5th, 2012-23:16
... focussing on old Meissen designs. Unfortunately, she had an accident shattering her shoulder twenty years ago, which stopped her activity. I very much honour the pieces sche made, since I witnessed the work invested into them. You might like a small p...  

Fantastic pictures!

 By: nilomis : September 6th, 2012-06:19
Marcus, I go, for sure, share those pictures with my wife. Cheers, Nilo

Always good to see a master at work.

 By: tick tock doctor : September 5th, 2012-07:31
Making posts or beautiful dials. Thank you.

the photos - and of course the results are fantastic!

 By: amerix : September 5th, 2012-09:46
However I would never enter those premises without wearing a facial mask protecting against fine or enamel dust. Certainly anyone working there should be aware of the potential health hazards. I don't think that I would want to breathe it in, day after da... 

Outstanding post, will read in depth after...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : September 5th, 2012-10:30
my return from DC. Cheers, Magnus

enamel dials are truly fascinating....

 By: nitediver : September 5th, 2012-11:15
....and your wonderful post makes me finally understand how much work and skill is behind each a enamel dial! Thank you Marcus, for this most interesting post! Best, Stefan

Thanks a lot Marcus for this superb report.

 By: foversta : September 5th, 2012-11:57
One of the most interesting points to underline is the large range of clients they have, from very small independant watchmakers to brands belonging to large groups. I hope to visit Les Cadraniers de Genève in 2013. Thanks a lot! Fx

It will always be the human hands.....

 By: KIH : September 5th, 2012-13:04
... that create wonderful art put on our wrists! Thank you for the wonderful report. Fascinating! Ken

excellent report and great photos

 By: Hororgasm : September 5th, 2012-14:10
and educational to boot. many thanks! best, Horo

Enamel pizza!

 By: BluNotte : September 5th, 2012-18:03
Dear Markus, Many sincere thanks for taking us on this trip! This definitely increases my appreciation for my Richard Lange Pour le Merite, which if i am not mistaken had it's dial made by Donze. About the printing process of the numerals and so, didnt yo... 

the tampon is only the means to transfer ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : September 5th, 2012-23:12
... the colour from the template on the dial, but says nothing about the material of the print. It can be printing colour and left to dry, or it can be enamel paint and fired thereafter, as in the case of the UN chronometer dials. Regards, Marcus

Great post and very informative

 By: ED209 : September 5th, 2012-18:37
Fantastic post Marcus! I really enjoyed this post about enamel dials and learning about the process. Thanks, great job on this writeup. Regards, ED-209

Fantastic post!

 By: patrick_y : September 5th, 2012-22:36
I wished I had this post a few months ago when I was explaining the difficulty of manufacturing enamel dials to some attendees to a PuristSPro/Montblanc event in San Francisco. Love this post, as I've got a weakness for enamel dials. I've bookmarked this ... 

Fantastic post Marcus and thank you for sharing.

 By: patrickmaniac : September 5th, 2012-23:13
I love this phrase: “And how often does she do this?” - “Until the dial is perfect.” cheers PAt

A great report !

 By: bimbeano : September 5th, 2012-23:47
Thanks Marcus for this most comprehensive report! I had forgotten about enamel dials :-) because i have been extremely busy the last months, enjoyed reading but mostly viewing :-) . Filip

Dear all, many thanks for your kind comments ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : September 6th, 2012-06:09
... I am glad you liked this article. I think that while we like watches as a whole, it is nevertheless worth to know about how its individual components are made. Best regards, Marcus

these people are true artists with infinite patience

 By: G99 : September 6th, 2012-08:03
Thanks for the superb report Marcus. Best G

In an Industry where...

 By: moc : September 7th, 2012-07:32
smoky mirrors alternate with real quality,its very difficult to discern the good from the not so good. A post like this make us all realize the amount of work that lies behind a good eye opener,one of those post that increase anyones experience and wisd... 

informative report, thanks. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : September 7th, 2012-08:22

What a remarkable insight!

 By: sidneyc : September 7th, 2012-17:56
Thank you!! It's very interesting to see the art of enamel applied to such delicacy!

Amazing post

 By: Marv : September 8th, 2012-09:40
Marcus, Thank you for your fantastic article: very informative content, superb photos of beautiful dials. The manual work on dials deserves posts like yours. As these suppliers that contribute for a large part in our passion for watches and that are too o... 

Brilliant post Marcus, thank you for sharing such a wonderful time

 By: Tim Jackson : September 8th, 2012-13:02
Here are my favorites amongst those dials, love wearing these sublime gems. Now after reading this great post and looking at those pics, I have even more appreciation of the work and skill needed to get them to what we see in our watches. Again a wonderfu...  

Wonderful report!

 By: jporos : September 8th, 2012-16:14
Thank you Marcus. Now I will look for enamel dials where the printing is not a separate layer.

Great post, Marcus!

 By: ling5hk : September 10th, 2012-15:00
I always find enamel dial fascinating and irresistable. The process of making even a simple enamel dial is pain staking. However, I discover that the quality of every enamel dial varies quite significantly when compared one brand to another. I am wonderin... 

HQ report.

 By: VMM : September 12th, 2012-09:46
Enameling is an art that really amazes me, love to see how they do it from first step, to the final resut. I've enjoyed your post a lot. Thanks for sharing. Vte :)