as promised yesterday

Dec 02, 2019,08:21 AM

some extra pictures

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Amazing watch and pics my friend

 By: Watchonthewrist : December 2nd, 2019-08:36
Thanks for sharing 🤗


 By: Jurry : December 2nd, 2019-08:59
I must have missed your earlier post but what an absolutely superb watch and great photos. What can you tell me more about the brand etc? I’m intrigued .

a few details

 By: Bruno.M1 : December 2nd, 2019-09:45
First time I read about this independent was in 2013 on a French forum. Pascal Coyon, the watchmaker wanted to make his own watch. It took him 16 months from concept to prototype. The base movement is a Unitas 6498 but as you can see it's completely rewor... 

Very similar to mine... dial side only the hands differ!

 By: foversta : December 2nd, 2019-14:32
Thanks for the gorgeous pics! Fx

Gorgeous pics!

 By: Bounce781 : December 6th, 2019-21:30
Lovely watch

California Jed has one . . .

 By: Dr No : December 6th, 2019-21:45
[watch credit: California Jed / photo credits: Dr No] . . . with silver (possibly rhodium?) movement plating. Sorry for the poor movement pic, but it's all I have in my files. Will try for a better pic at our next gathering. Duly impressed, Art ...  

Are you sure you want me to tell him . . .

 By: Dr No : December 7th, 2019-00:20
. . . that? ...  

Rofl!!!! Damn typo. Thanks my fiend. :))))

 By: amanico : December 7th, 2019-01:01
No message body

He would've understood . . .

 By: Dr No : December 7th, 2019-01:03
. . . either way, Nicolas. ;-) PS - I noticed the missing 'r'.


 By: MTR : December 7th, 2019-02:49
Similarities to your stolen Lange... Is there anything new in this case? Best Thomas

Wow, that‘s for sure a

 By: MTR : December 7th, 2019-02:48
beautiful watch! Many congrats!! Best Thomas