Hi. Can someone help me get private messages through the app. I have my settings set to receive but I don’t get any. In fact there is not even any private message button to check them. Please help.

Nov 20, 2018,18:17 PM

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Pm sent [nt]

 By: Bill : November 21st, 2018-17:18


 By: descartes1 : November 22nd, 2018-06:07
I responded to say that I can only access your message when I log on to the website. I cannot see or access pms through the app. In fact there is not even a portal for pms on the app. Thanks for your help.

The app does not have a place to view pms they go through your regular email using the pm email system

 By: Bill : November 22nd, 2018-08:51
Everything appears to be set up correctly for you. Each pm should be sent to your email box as well as be viewable in the web interface to pms. I think you will find they may be getting sent to junk mail. add watchprosite to non junk email status. Bill

You just reply via email.

 By: Bill : November 23rd, 2018-16:02
The system interprets the email address so it is still using the pm system keeping your email address private. Hagwe Bill