I had been searching for a strap for a st moritz and ended up getting a custom made from singapore ..

Oct 07, 2019,07:03 AM

The watch is almost 25 years old and giving it to my daughter now ...

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That's a nice gesture.

 By: Tim_M : October 7th, 2019-07:21
Also, it's cool to see an original St. Moritz surface after the breathless reactions to last week's Alpine Eagle launch. Though clearly derivative, the old design has held up well. Best, Tim

Ditto Tim_M's comments!

 By: patrick_y : October 7th, 2019-11:34
Tim_M couldn't have said it better and more concisely. It is my hopes that your daughter enjoys this watch for many years to come!

Thanks Patrick [nt]

 By: Horology75 : October 7th, 2019-11:39

That bezel right there was what the new Alpine Eagle should’ve incorporated, instead of a pseudo Hublot version.

 By: Boron : October 7th, 2019-09:42
Such a missed opportunity to connect past with present, retaining historical relevancy, and taking the “copy cat” voices away. Pity these are only 37-38mm, it’d need to be 41 (bare minimum) to stand any chance of not looking comical! Nice looking strap, b...