The picture is not doing justice to the watch...

Jan 12, 2019,22:43 PM

In flesh it’s far more beautiful ..

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What do you think about the new blue dial santos?

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 12th, 2019-12:40
Kev ...  

the rendered images look so different to real world pics

 By: deanthebakedbean : January 12th, 2019-12:50
and its far to big for you're wrist imho, I would wait to see if they bring it out in the smaller size.

Yeah that’s the thing

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 12th, 2019-13:11
On the moment it felt ok but now that I look at the pictures it looks a bit big though Kev

Yeah I kinda thought so

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 12th, 2019-13:11

It is in steel

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 12th, 2019-13:10

I don’t know the watch size but it’s the large model

 By: Watch_kha_wen : January 12th, 2019-14:26
Looks like they only do the blue dial on that one so far. My wrist is tiny also I know I wear the 16 on Cartier love bracelet. Kev

i think no but the new

 By: Passionata_george : January 12th, 2019-16:03
Cintree and tounneau are big yes

Hard to read? [nt]

 By: jomni1 : January 12th, 2019-16:52

The picture is not doing justice to the watch...

 By: Horology75 : January 12th, 2019-22:43
In flesh it’s far more beautiful ..

The sunburst blue looks way too shiny and overpower the dial

 By: hoseachandra : January 12th, 2019-23:15
I think it will better if they use matt , deep blue colour. Just not something that i will spend my hard earned cash.

Pics on Cartier site look AMAZING!...

 By: kennygfunk : January 13th, 2019-06:19
I have to see this in person. If it looks like on Cartier site, I’m sold. I always thought the black and white dial looked too dull. This sunburst blue is what I needed. Also, if you’ve never had a watch with blue, you might not understand how common blue... 

I find the blue very grey

 By: Geo : January 13th, 2019-08:28
Saw the watch in the BTQ and to me it was more grey than blue. The smaller version of the new Santos, the one without the date, would fit you muh better, but that one is not in this colour available. GEO

That blue in the flesh ia mesmerizing...

 By: mywrongwrist : March 22nd, 2019-12:48
I had a medium size which was stolen some days ago by my wife, so today I went for the large size with blue dial, two additional straps, conquered by the purple one Despite my wrist being small, it’s quite flat so it can wear with no problem at all also t... 

That strap+dial color combo looks great!

 By: Ano Nuevo : March 23rd, 2019-08:27
Cartier must be selling a ton of the new Santos because the available strap colors on their website has been steadily dwindling. Enjoy that beautiful watch!

My opnion is.......

 By: Weems@8 : April 4th, 2019-14:51
I am dreaming to own it. What gives me the magic? That blue dial is stunning. Cartier made a watch for me. I know that a Santos is sensitive for scratches, so i must be carefull to keep a Santos bling and shiny.

In my opinion, this is the best watch for your money...

 By: kennygfunk : April 4th, 2019-19:33
for 2018 and so far for 2019. I love the dial on this blue model. The dials on the other new Santos were a little too dull for me. The sunburst dial on this one plays with the light. Around the edges it looks darker and towards the center it looks more bl...