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Mar 07, 2020,00:15 AM

Latest addition... still in honeymoon period and completely enamored 🥰

What an amazing joy to wear. 5.37mm tall and 62g total weight. Execution of every detail is superb and it has everything... will let the dust settle and try to write something more objective at a later stage. Just wanted to introduce her to you guys and say hello:

Instagram: kekspateks

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Looking good Keks!

 By: patrick_y : March 7th, 2020-00:16
I like the thinness of the piece!


 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-02:49
It has tremendous depth visually despite being ultra thin. A very cool contrast I think!


 By: Lankysudanese : March 7th, 2020-00:17
Bulgari are killing the game with Octo Finissimo’s


 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-02:50
Still so under appreciated .. outside the hype I suppose but great for me!


 By: desertimer : March 7th, 2020-01:02
I was yesterday in a Bulgari shop trying the finissimo ceramic.

Tried that too!

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-02:50
It is amazing, please seriously consider it as I am sure you will find it amazing to own !

I will. [nt]

 By: desertimer : March 7th, 2020-06:45

Congratulations on your new purchase!

 By: centurionone : March 7th, 2020-01:16
Looks good on your wrist 🥂

Many thanks!

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-02:51
Much appreciated

Huge Congrats my friend, thats indeed a very special and cool looking watch .

 By: Watchonthewrist : March 7th, 2020-02:43
Great choice. Wear it in best of health

Thank you much

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-02:51
Been wearing for several days now and only keeps getting better!

Great new entry Keks, congrats!! I had a chance to try on some Octo Finissimos a few times and I found them extremely appealing...

 By: FabR : March 7th, 2020-04:54
As you said, they are superbly executed in every detail and feel unique on the wrist. You’ve made a terrific choice, enjoy!😍🥂

Thanks FabR!

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-07:19
will do enjoy!

many thanks VMM

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-07:19
will do!

For me, this was the most interesting new watch introduced in the last several years.

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 7th, 2020-06:45
When I saw the press from Basel in 2017 of the base reference I was convinced I would buy one. I still am, just haven’t gotten there yet. The skeletonised version really just takes this watch to another level. The base models, with the simple dial, can be... 

Thanks J!

 By: keks : March 7th, 2020-07:21
yes it has been haunting me as a reference for quite some time and it was only once I tried the skeletonized 40mm it all came together for me. I have not seen the Ando in the real but what I see on pictures is very promising, not sure how hard they are to... 


 By: Geo : March 9th, 2020-12:01
What a stunning looking 'Octo Finissimo'. Enjoy your new watch and when you have time, please post a few more pictures. GEO

Many thanks!

 By: keks : March 10th, 2020-00:36
Will try to put together a short review in due time! Thanks


 By: keks : March 13th, 2020-15:29
Just was writing you on your post! Lovely octo you got! Enjoy!


 By: keks : March 27th, 2020-15:28
It measures around 17.5mm around...