Incredible Timepiece!

Apr 18, 2022,14:28 PM

And with the lovely original movement she is a great deal too!

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 By: Arronax : April 18th, 2022-11:50
I would be afraid of cutting my fingers on the case but the dial is magic!

 By: Stonec : April 18th, 2022-12:22
I’ve never had a problem with the case really, and yes that dial is truly magic.

This one really looks stunning?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 18th, 2022-12:05

 By: Stonec : April 18th, 2022-12:24
Totally stunning, and I can’t stop staring at it.

and i totally understand

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 18th, 2022-12:33

 By: Stonec : April 18th, 2022-12:51


 By: JoshTheCanadian : April 18th, 2022-12:27
That blue dial just shines! I’ve had mine out of rotation for the past week, but I am tempted to bring it out! The OF is often the watch I want to wear.

 By: Stonec : April 18th, 2022-12:52
Even if to wear it at home for your own amusement, that’s what I do sometimes.

That blue dial is something else

 By: Daandeluxe : April 18th, 2022-12:51
Really love the hue on it, it matches perfect with the bracelet.

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:21
It really does, thanks mate.

Incredible Timepiece!

 By: enjoythemusic : April 18th, 2022-14:28
And with the lovely original movement she is a great deal too! ...  

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:22
Absolutely. Love that pic of yours.

👍 thx!

 By: enjoythemusic : April 30th, 2022-02:49

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:22
Cheers mate

A great look!

 By: patrick_y : April 18th, 2022-21:08
And waterproof too! It's a super elegant sporty watch!

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:23
You can’t beat the price. This keeps going out of stock, selling like hotcakes.


 By: patrick_y : April 30th, 2022-03:30

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:24
It is a pleasure to photograph and wear it.

 By: Stonec : May 6th, 2022-00:33
Yeap 😊


 By: Ping.Timeout : May 6th, 2022-09:16

 By: Stonec : April 30th, 2022-02:24
Always changing and playing with the light.