Got to see this in person today and I can only compliment bulgari for a wonderful piece. The overall look and contrast from satin titanium to polished hands and markers. This will be my next bulgari!

May 23, 2023,18:05 PM

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“This will be my next Bulgari” said no one ever…until recently !

 By: Jay (Eire) : May 23rd, 2023-19:17
Amazing to think we will say that; 10 years ago people would have laughed. That will also be my next Bulgari.

Don’t hype it up..

 By: K-Lo : May 23rd, 2023-19:51
I need the secondary market price to go down!!! Any more pics?

LOL! That's very funny!

 By: patrick_y : May 23rd, 2023-20:14

I just spent 1/2 hour on the Bulgarian website

 By: cazalea : May 23rd, 2023-19:55
There are some very interesting pieces .. this one or the gold Eight Day were my favorites. Cazalea ...  

That does look nice

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 23rd, 2023-22:06
I tried the bracelet one and did like it, but it is very wide

And guess you could have bought it and taken it home with you straight away?

 By: Peevee57 : May 24th, 2023-04:24
No crazy waiting times, or having to buy 4 other pieces first.

Yep, for full disclosure I’m a client of the same AD chain (Patek and Rolex in their other boutiques in town), but I’m pretty sure that was irrelevant — my sense is anyone who’d walked in and asked for it would have been offered it on the spot!👍

 By: FabR : May 24th, 2023-04:57
It is a gorgeous piece, but I just can’t imagine Bulgari having that level of request, with the possible exception of a handful (out of many!) OF versions… ;-) Cheers.

I just saw it in display by coincidence while traveling and fell in love.

 By: rip9er : May 28th, 2023-02:50
Chances of the shop having one is probably rare as it is expensive however ordering one is surely no problem.

That is some barrel!

 By: myles721 : May 25th, 2023-20:06

Do these have the newer movement or the old one?

 By: m2 : May 27th, 2023-18:39
I had one of the older time only/vanilla pieces, and just FYI they have a common rotor problem where the automatic rotor doesn't work properly. They fixed this on the newer ones though. Just an FYI if you are purchasing soon!