Tradition dilemma- 7027 vs 7037 vs 7097

Oct 27, 2019,03:28 AM

Hi all,

The Breguet Tradition has been on my list for quite some years and I have been waiting for the right time to get it. I am now close to a position to get it and all of a sudden, I am not sure which model to get!

I have always liked the yellow gold 7027. Especially for Akiro’s beautiful photos. The choice of metal, the use of colour and the movement design and proportions are perfect for the ethos and idea behind La Tradition. I always thought that is the one to get. At 37mm, the size is perhaps a tad small for me as I prefer 38-40mm. However, I have a DJ 36 so I am perfectly happy with the 37mm Breguet. The issue I have now realised is the dial! It is very small to the point where I do have some difficulty reading it!

I recently saw Christian’s post about his 7097 and looking a bit more into it, I find that model very beautiful too! The bigger dial improves legibility. I am good with the 40mm. I like the warm rose gold case but I do prefer the full yellow gold treatment of the 7027. I find the anthracite treatment “too modern” for my take on the Tradition. But the retrograde seconds and mirror polished rotor are fascinating to watch! I could stare at the second hands and balance wheel all day!

I was the the London Breguet boutique yesterday and they had both NOS 7037 and the rose gold 7097! The 7037 has the fascinating retrograde seconds so I was keen. But the dial is really small....... plus the larger 7097 has a seconds track which makes the retrograde seconds much more dynamic.

My partner prefers the 7027 or 7037. She is in line with my earlier thinking about the colour, movement design, etc for these models being more fitting of the Tradition line. I am at odds here! The 7027 is quite easy to get on the secondary market but not so the 7037.

What are your thoughts? My partner did say something very insightful of my hobby. She asked me “when was the last time You looked at your watch just to tell the time? You use your phone or your computer at work for that. You look at your watch for its beauty.” She truly knows me!


Chi Kai

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 By: chikai168 : October 27th, 2019-04:54
I see what you mean. The 7027 is coherent and warm. The original closest to the Breguet’s subscription watches. But if you compare The execution of the retrograde seconds and rotor, then the 7097 is better then the 7037. Chi Kai

If the size is ok for you, the 7027 is the one to go.

 By: VMM : October 27th, 2019-05:02
I like the purer look, more balanced than the 7037, always IMHO, from my personal experience (which is quite extensive with both models), I'd stay away from the 7037. Sorry, no feedback for the 7097, too new. Vte

Thanks again

 By: chikai168 : October 27th, 2019-05:14
Can you please elaborate why you would advocate staying away from the 7037 please? Is there a technical issue? BW, Chi Kai

They are ALL too small

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : October 27th, 2019-05:12
7027 is the first, and still the best. 7097 seems a bit bigger, BUT those crossing hands and sub dials lessen the readability. Are you going to wear it daily? Is time telling a priority? This watch is as nice as not readable, but it's a love it or leave i... 

That is true!

 By: chikai168 : October 27th, 2019-07:55
All the traditional dials are very small, even in the bigger models. And time telling is arguably not a priority here....... BW, Chi Kai

I want to!

 By: chikai168 : October 27th, 2019-07:56
If they made the 7097 in yellow gold like the 7027, I would take it in a heartbeat. BW, Chi Kai

For me, the 37 mm version. A killer.

 By: amanico : October 27th, 2019-10:36

Thanks Nicolas

 By: chikai168 : October 27th, 2019-13:37
I knew this would be your choice! I am still torn between the 7027 in yellow gold and the 7097 in rose..... BW, Chi Kai

My choice: 7027

 By: dms : October 28th, 2019-03:08
The proportions are just perfect! IMO, the 40mm versions are not as harmonious as they share the same movement size as the 37mm version, with a curved inner "bassin" to fit in a larger case. A marketing trick if you ask me... Not even mentioning the hand ...  

Thanks for the photo!

 By: chikai168 : October 29th, 2019-02:15
Good to see it in comparison with another watch of the same size but without a sub-dial. I get what you are saying and half of me agrees! But Still so tough to decide- May visit the boutique again! BW, Chi Kai

thanks !

 By: dms : December 28th, 2019-07:58
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Lug width question

 By: chikai168 : October 29th, 2019-05:01
Hi, I think the lug width of the 7027 is 20mm. Is that correct? And would any owners of the 7037 and 7097 be kind enough to tell me the lug width of these models too? Thank you very much in advance! The OEM strap will not fit me and to have one made can t... 

A Choice has been made!

 By: chikai168 : December 23rd, 2019-03:22
7027 in yellow gold. And I could not be happier! It is a stunning watch. Pure and authentic to Breguet in design. Finally achieved after a number of years on my list. The size is perfect and legibility of the time is actually fine. However, most of the ti...